Forever Tree cover
Forever Tree cover

Forever Tree Lyrics Meanings
by The Mammuthus

Forever Tree Lyrics

They put a seed in the soil where they buried
Sammael the hound
There It comes all of a sudden
Shooting up through the ground
It all happens so fast, It all happens in a flick
From a tiny stem to a trunk so thick
Everything's green and then it suddenly turns blue
I hear a sound but climb on by into the morning dew

Climbing that low branch as the crown
Spreads out above me the roots grow deeper down
Colours shift from blue to a light shade of yellow
Tree limbs strong my body's mellow

The forever tree, with branches so long
Has got me, with its green tongue
The forever tree with leaves so wide
There will never be a better place to hide
Then I feel it deep down in my bones, a growing sensation
I'm in the tree and the tree is in me, anticipation
My fingers turning into sprouting thin twigs,
Where my ears used to be there's now a pair of figs
I lose my boots when my feet grow roots
Stubble and straw, I've got a wooden jaw

Tiny Hooded figures pass me by
Colours fading as the day dies
From yellow it all turns black
And I know I'll never go back

Soon my heart will be beating wood
I'll stay here forever I think you should
Come and join me, be my guest
Climb my limbs and take a rest.
Let's be a part of the great stem
I'm a tree man, goddamn
Let's be a part of the great stem
I'm a tree man, goddamn

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Forever Tree Meanings

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