Evolved Elegance

Evolved Elegance Lyrics Meanings
by The Mighty Odn
ft. Aziatic Specialist, Julz


Evolved Elegance Lyrics

It's open theft culture death hold ya breathe
At this depth is deep success a fallacy fest
Fame is a vipers nest tormented flesh
Bound by the witches hex hypnotic suggest
Showbiz special FX are made to perplex
Still I'm not impressed
Phony rappers soul possessed obsessed with objects
Paper slaves in mental graves from East to West
Too much repressed intellect infest the projects
Problems complex
Out of context
Filthy rejects inject like reflex this virus infects
The facts I manifest to bless correct the defects
Collect the respect
Beyond this holodeck
Obelisk erect I connect with the universal net
Live and direct nigga

Evolved Elegance
Evolved Elegance
Evolved Elegance

Young bucks growing up
Apache chief Feining Chuck
Fertile grounds in the projects bruh
Seeds out here
Grow tough
Flowers are special when they surrounding something
Yes sir
When I jump up out the booth
Yo the brothas throwing rice
Married to the mic we be arguing at night.
Boxing gloves
Then we making love
Yo me and the boys chilling out like unemployments up
Baking bread in our sleep we employed as fuck
Brought a blow to the bank and they deployed the trucks
Black above luxury princess cuts
Fuck a Liberace Kemetic hockey slick
Zimmerman donkey dice
The stakes is high blacks got nothing to loose we gave birth to it all.
Now you know why niggas always saying fuck it.
We God

Evolved Elegance
Evolved Elegance
Evolved Elegance

Ich habe so lange gewartet
Ich habe auch so lange
Ich habe so lange gewartet
Ich habe auch so lange
Ich habe so lange gewartet
Ich habe auch so lange
Doch jetzt ist der tag

Er beschaft veileicht den test
Den stress und den rest in der schule nicht
Doch in eine day von deine Buddha bis I'm Budapest
Schiff on der boden und dich zeigt die wo das Buddha ist
Weise du was Sheiß drauf
Sheiß auf das Buddha man ich zeigt die was das mode ist
Komme in diesen raum on der ohne wand
Zeigt all the people wie ich mach das ohne hand
Oder ist das licht pflichtlich video is.
That's that punkt für meine modes

Writer(s): The Mighty Odn, Bryant Duhart, Levell Zimmerman
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Evolved Elegance Meanings

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