Take That

Take That Lyrics Meanings
by The Mighty Odn
ft. Yung Miagi, Mass Conglom, Aziatic Specialist


Take That Lyrics

All glitz and glowing
Glamour over flowing boat rowing seed sowing overgrowing
Lawn mowing opponents with these components
I time travel lateral space folding
Arms open dive in the ehteric ocean
Atomic explosion potent flow's I'm boating
Amunnubi Raanhnkptah slang I'm quote'n
Like Ron Paul got niggas thinking of vote'n
We triple A
All day and still goin
European Status the baddest you ever knowing
I'm so cool brainstorms be snowing
Work hard not to starve ethics is swollen
Pin balls fall rolling cause we bowling
The universe named me ODN proving and showing
My hard drive alive gigaquads be loading
Every word spokens in perpetual motion

I got my stripes on nigga shell toes back
We some boom bop kids on some airbrush rap
Paint a picture
I kill a ressurector
Spit'n on some brolic beats nigga you might need a bigger antennea
Matter fact a satellite
So we can open space leaks
Nibble on a little pinch we burn'n rockets over here made it clear
Yung Miagi afro infinity European Status still kill'n em softly
Get the whole crew
Tell em we about to eat listen to the witchcraft Voodoo scientist
Back in ambivalence kids
Say my name on a verse I'll put yours in a casket
No ring basket nigga we that precise
2013 red dot and we get em nice

Jason Stanton titanium heartbeat
Magnifying glass sun rays when Conglom speak
Thurough thread hater via blogs Tweets
Facebook updates all heat
I'm on my video game night vision flood lights L clips to ya frame
A good look when ya team up
Tele photo lense shooting the scene up
You out chase'n women we chasing dreams that'll lead up
To way more paper than you'd achieve
With a mindset of a thief I rely best on my speech
Even when I stutter my rhyme never repeats
Even in my slumber my thoughts never decrease
If something don't respond control alt delete
Upload the plot til the downloads complete
I'm ready for your critique

Check yo self for you wreck it
TSA want a nigga naked
The presence of the essence eloquent with the lessons
Calculated steps mathematics on genius
I see the L elevate like a cruise missile through the tissue
Of the heavenly bodies I'm clever with shotties and uhm
Enter the party like ahh
We getting money over here and we throw it in the air like we just don't care
Yup yup cause we don't
Too much of a scholar to get caught up in a by product
Young Willy Wonka
Baby want some chocolate flowered out lapel milkshake
Johnny Rocket
One more time son
Leave up to me well I be living proof
To kick the truth to young black youth
When I got the rock Mister Cooper don't wanna hoop
C.I.A. directors know who and who not to coup
Zimmerman fool

Writer(s): The Mighty Odn, Bryant Duhart, Levell Zimmerman, Richard Porter
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Take That Meanings

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