She's Got It All Wrong
She's Got It All Wrong

She's Got It All Wrong Lyrics Meanings
by The Mitchell Brothers

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She's Got It All Wrong Lyrics

What I'm saying is this yeah,
Every time when I tell you like,
You know what I mean like,
Don't fucking go mad over your chick,
This that, this that,
It's for your own good,
Its called, na na, it is, its called experience.
Bruv, you know what yeah, what experience?
What so you've gone mad over a chick.
Yeah I have once, and I'm not doing that shit again,
You're fucking crazy.

There's no point in telling her the truth,
Cos she's not gonna believe it.
You know what I mean,
She's just gonna listen to her friends,
Her fucking friends, you know what I mean.
So like, just like, forget about her, let's go get some drinks,
You know what I mean, go check some more yetis.

Bruv why did she hang up?
I know there's still anger
I put my hands up ? yes I was a wanker.
I did lead with Tanya, when I left Tantra,
She had one too many so I called a cab.
I don?t understand her, I never did grab her
She?s listening to Amber, and we don?t get on,
OK before, I did get caught,
But to jeopardise us again, I couldn?t do.
Her friend, ain?t talking sense,
See me and Tanya we?re only just breadrins
Her friend, never saw anything
We got in, I dropped her off to her rents.

This morning it got light, but I?d still not been to sleep,
Thinking of what to do to ease this grief.
I know I lied but I had a reason please believe,
I fold the pillow, and try n squeeze some sleep

{Verse 2 ? Mike Skinner}
Please don?t delete, my phone number please,
I know you don?t need, to mope about me.
I did go with Lis, she phoned to speak,
She wants me back, but I want you.
Don?t shoot through, you?re going to lose
A bloke who?s truly devoted to you
I owe to you, to know a few truths,
Home truth truths, you going to screw.
Your friends, are not talking sense,
Are you sure your head ignores them?
Your friends, never saw anything,
We talked then, I walked to my ends.


{Verse 3}

Bruv I?ll tell you this for free, Ambers chatting shit again.
She needs to go on Trisha, with all her fucking shenanigans.
She?s just sad and bitter, cos her and her man split up.
So now she wants her and the girls to be a gang of spinsters.
And bruv, huh, I told you, you cant be chatting to Tanya.
So when she calls you, just blank her.
That night I went to Ten Rooms after Tantra,
But I didn?t think you and her would jump in the same cab bruv.
Listen bruv, just give your girl time and space.
Maybe a couple of days, to get her mind straight.
Serious bruv listen, ?llow it for a bit,
And if she?s got any sense, she?ll know Amber?s chatting shit.


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