Fade to White cover
Fade to White cover

Fade to White Lyrics Meanings
by The OM Sound

Fade to White Lyrics

It's hard to comprehend how people get out alive
Mix some power of will, faith, determination, collide!
I'd say it's luck, but I know that luck is created
Want proof? Just check with my 25 years experience making it
Luck contradicts itself when you know you create it
But so does government, president, elite, freedom - they're all faking it
We're living in a world of duality and the reality
We're drawn away from the cold, hard, fallacy
Take a couple million years, subtract your fears
You'll get a few steps nearer
You might have a new face but it's the same race
There's no time to waste, so keep a steady pace, spine straight
Turn your eyes up 'til the gain knob lights up
Lids closed, mind open, fade to white, all one

We no longer memorize our lines
We create them with faith and abandon
We no longer identify with lies
We make truth our singular reaction

The weight of the world is calculated in light
In fact the entire universe is just a blip to our bigger sights
And that might give you a fright, or it might give you some insight
Into this puzzling mystery: life
We live in the grey area, between super, sub, and unconsciousness
We call it consciousness, it's really ignorance
We think we're real, but we're just dreaming
The significant difference between the insignificant and unprecedented
Is the subtle decision made
Don't matter what the facts say, I'll do it now, that's it period
Boom, that's the only way

Writer(s): Orion Miller
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Fade to White Meanings

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