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Harry the Head
by , Nolan Cook, Carla Fabrizio, Toby Dammit & Molly Harvey
Lyrics and Meaning

Aug 10, 2009

Harry the Head Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
The Head was hardly human
The head is finally dead
"I can live forever
In formaldehyde", he said.
Once he made me so mad
I knocked him on the floor;
He rolled around and found a
Little paint brush
By the door;
As he held it in his teeth
He painted angels
On the skirt I wore.
Harry - The Head is dead.
Harry - The Head is dead.
Harry - The Head is dead.
Herman - The Human Mole
Herman isn't happy
Herman isn't well
Herman is an albino
Not that you could tell.
Herman is dirty
Herman is cold
Herman is thirty and
Wishes he was old
But he isn't.
Herman has a trailer
On top of it is grass
He filled the inside up with dirt
And made the sides of glass
He lets you climb the steps
Up to the top for free
And look down through a little hole
Above his old TV.
But if you want some more
You pay to go inside
The tent that goes around the trailer
In which Herman hides.
Herman plays piano
When no one is around
He has an upright baby Steinway
Underneath the ground.

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