The Townsmen I Saw a Dragon cover

I Saw a Dragon
by The Townsmen

I Saw a Dragon Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Verse 2
A dragon, a dragon,
Verse 3
I swear I saw a dragon,
Verse 4
A green and seething,
Verse 5
fire breathing monsterous in sight!
Verse 6
with eyes of red and lions head
Verse 7
and wings as dark as night
Verse 8
He has a jaw of gleaming teeth,
Verse 9
he's fifty feet in height!
Verse 10
It's true, it's true
Verse 11
oh what are we to do?
Verse 12
It's true, it's true,
Verse 13
he'll break us all in two!
Verse 14
Oh he's coming in,
Verse 15
his great big fin is right against the door!
Verse 16
So board up all the windows
Verse 17
and get down on the floor.....
Verse 18
A dragon, a dragon,
Verse 19
I swear I saw a dragon!
Verse 20
His tail lashing,
Verse 21
he'll be smashing,
Verse 22
every shop in town!
Verse 23
With scaley feet,
Verse 24
he'll crack the street
Verse 25
and tear the steeple down!
Verse 26
It's not some looney dream,
Verse 27
I heard a scream from sherrif brown!
Verse 28
It's true, it's true
Verse 29
oh what are we to do?
Verse 30
It's true, it's true,
Verse 31
'ole lampie's in a stew!
Verse 32
! dragon, a dragon,
Verse 33
'ole lampie saw a dragon!
Verse 34
He's bleary eyed,
Verse 35
he's ossified,
Verse 36
he's tighter than a tick!
Verse 37
He had too much to drink today
Verse 38
so call a doctor quick!
Verse 39
I better take him home to bed
Verse 40
before you make him sick!
Verse 41
We're sunk, we're sunk!
Verse 42
Go on with ye, ya drunk,
Verse 43
A dragon, a dragon,
Verse 44
he says he saw a dragon!
Verse 45
The game is done,
Verse 46
you've had your fun,
Verse 47
my dad's been through enough!
Verse 48
So won't you all behave yourselves?
Verse 49
I don't want any guff!
Verse 50
Your like a bunch of little boys who play at being tough!
Verse 51
You'll see, you'll see,
Verse 52
you've met your match in me!
Verse 53
Oh you always jeer and laugh and sneer
Verse 54
but look across the square,
Verse 55
alright we'll go and take a look...
Verse 56
Verse 57
Verse 58
There's ab-sol-ut-ley....
Verse 59
nothing anywhere!
Verse 60
It was there!
Verse 61
A dragon, a dragon,
Verse 62
I swear there was a dragon!
Verse 63
Your off your hinges,
Verse 64
all those minges
Verse 65
put you in a haze
Verse 66
Verse 67
You crazy fools,
Verse 68
it's your doggone fault he's in a daze
Verse 69
Let go of me, let go of me
Verse 70
and mend your wicked ways!
Verse 71
Verse 72
What makes you think there ever was,
Verse 73
there, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never,
Verse 74
Verse 75
Verse 76

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