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Nothing to Find

Aug 25, 2017

Nothing to Find Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Oh, I'm rising from within
I see it every morning
Tell you where the rhythm ends
Verse 2
"Is it cold tonight my love?"
I whisper through the screen
And there is nothing I can say or do in between
Verse 3
Oh, it always changes, I don't understand
I keep moving through the edge of now
Here comes a feeling I can't stop
emotionless and bored
Verse 4
Oh, you said
Verse 5
You played my brother like fire
You walked him through the rain
There was nothing but cold ?
But the feeling that I get
The warmth of your embrace
There is nothing I can do if I am going away
Verse 6
It was all so innocent
You could feel my loving arms
Then I saw you in the morning light
You were standing in my door
emotionless and bored
oh oh yeah
Verse 7
All my waiting was in vain
I walked alone in pain
Through the early morning rain
Feel the warmth of my embrace
Tore me underneath the shadows
Once before I get erased
Verse 8
But my love is on the line
I pushed it through the pack
I kept sliding out of time
Now our moon is on the rise
There is always something bigger
Leaning on the other side, yeah
Verse 9
But you wanted me
On the wrong path
I've been hanging on the other side
Keep on pushing back
Verse 10
We belong here
I'll take all I can get
I've been hanging on the other side
I keep pushing back

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