The Whitlams, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Thank You (For Loving Me at My Worst) cover

Thank You (For Loving Me at My Worst)
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Thank You (For Loving Me at My Worst) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I shouldn't have driven
You shouldn't have driven
But we got there
Had a good time
So we left the car
And the cabby was from a war zone
We were glad he was driving us home
I was gladder of some movement
You took it on, you took it on board
Verse 0
I said "Thank you, thank you, for loving me at my worst"
If this isn't love, it's very close
Can you hear the world is waking up?
Can we be crazy for a few more years?
Have I got them in me?
Verse 2
Bought myself one of them keyboard axes
Wanted to get out and dance away from the piano
That could have been the beginning of the end
If I wasn't already in the middle
The crowd was confused
And then they cheered
My career it was back on track
I was relieved
Full of love for the people
Verse 3
Verse 4
All you bright middle-aged things
Attending your sons and daughters
Spare a thought for me out here with the kids
To hell with your bricks and mortar
Verse 5
It's you and me and the Holy Ghost
On the road to dawn heading down the coast
We're better sorry than safe
When you count the cost
Sorry than safe when you count the cost
Verse 6
There's a bar out East, it's called Serum
Only red wine and the finest of cigars
And if we leave now we'll still get in
You can find yourself a young consort
Writers of unpopular fiction are trying to drink more
Than bikies who've all left their beards at the door
You'll drink all the wine and smoke your cigar
Verse 7

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