Pretty cover
Pretty cover

Pretty Lyrics Meanings
by Theophilus London
ft. Ian Isiah


Pretty Lyrics

Ay, international playboy shit
Hey lady, I just wanna tell ya (just wan' tell 'em)
That you the prettiest thing
In the fuckin' world, world, world
World, world, world

I want a girl from the heights
With the fresh wash and sets
Money, all she flex, protect all my checks
Got this African girl, she braid tighter than a fool
She put me right to sleep, but wake me when I snooze
Call my, Indian boo mix with Jamaican and Jew, baby
It's dinner for two, bring a Dominican through
Yeah, can't forget my Trini
She a pretty girl, half fat, half skinny
Her temper like a pepper sauce, girl, pour me plenty
Pass the water, I'm coolin' off the Henny
She got good credit, Lisa like to take leases
She cook fire Mediterranean pizzas
But not to be facetious, I'm floored by the features
Her face almost as pretty as the feet is
Last week, we in Aspen wearin' fleeces
This week, we gettin' groovy on the beaches, beaches
Ian, tell 'em what the deal is

Hey lady (yeah, tell 'em how you feelin')
I just wanna tell ya (I just wan' tell ya)
That you the prettiest thing (in the, in the)
In the fuckin' world, world, world
(Uh, let's take 'em to the bridge)

My baby, Theresa
Go off and leave me
Baby, Maria, Felicia
Oh, in the jungle
No baby, infinite fever
Feel it comin' on
Oh, feel inside the waves
Feel it inside the storm
Fever, faded inside the pain
Gather around me
Show you inside the pain
My baby, Felicia (my baby)
Go off and leave me
No baby, forgive me (baby, ho)
Felicia, go off and leave me
Or shun me, uh

I got this French dime
But then she party all the time
She wanna FaceTime it while she give me 69
If you change your mind, I'm on a different tight time
Rearrange designs, girl, I be outside

Bust this hit, get flipped on
Love women, get bitcoins
Bust this hit, flip-flip coins
Love women, get bitcoins, uh

I got somethin' to say
He loves you, baby (he loves you, baby)
He needs you, baby (he needs you, baby)
He misses you, baby, he loves you, baby
He loves you, baby
Please come back, baby
He loves you, he love you, baby
He loves you, baby

My baby (my baby) Theresa
Go off and leave me

Writer(s): Desmond Toney, Dev Hynes, Ian Isiah, Theophilus London
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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