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The Cycle Lyrics Meanings
by Theycallmechansler


The Cycle Lyrics

Just graduated, never thought Id fucking make it
But celebration is short lived with situational circumstances that
I've been placed in
Yeah I felt amazing
But the spell of euphoria that I was undertaken was taken
And replaced with a sudden realization
Life is fucking adjacent

Dont take it literal, not talking bout some math shit
I simply mean that when you come out of class shit
That you either back to class if you can pass it
Or you end up with labor, forget about passions

Then your whole life is focusing on your kids dreams
While reminice looking through magazine
And you think about those things you could not achieve
Its like a fucking nightmare that you can never leave
All youre thinking about when you go to sleep
Is all the fucking things that you cant neer be

Thats the cycle of life, thats how it goes
Run back and forth from positions to claim your goals
All in a matter of time, which you cant hold
Life is game full of punishment no control

Lets take a look at a child, assuming theres no future
Father is around or not, either way refusing
Mother is all strung out, chemicals abusing
Refrigerator either empty or smells like suige And you have this little child fending for himself
What the hell is he sposed to do, ain no fucking help
So he going to the family thats makes some wealth
And his little hands get rougher from the dimes he dealt

His little heart turns cold from the life that forced
Everybody want to act like the life is choice
Televison emulating people with a voice
Screaming out they fucking words till is voice is horce

With Violence ringing out, famlies taking action
War zones plaquing one city claiming different factions
Each side looking for trouble, they might catch you lacking
And the brothers of the child face down in caskets

And the rest of the family that cept him fed is cuffed
So when blue lights come on, straight sprint, no trust
And if they touch him better know that heat gonna bust
Thinking bout that little girl that he just cuffed with lust

Shit he father now
To them just a robber how
His mother still in cloud
Its cold rain is pouring down
The foods like they in a drought
His sons just a child how, fast the circumstances switched to him
And hes on a trial
His girl mans its been a while
She has her ups and down
Same as his mom like wow
His father ain come around
Incarceration was place in which was taken and where his life it drown
And the cycle it goes around

Writer(s): Theycallmechansler
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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