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I'd Rather
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I'd Rather Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Chorus: x 2]
I said I love havin' sex
But I'd rather get some head, but I'd rather get some head, but I'd rather get some head
[Repeat: x 2]
Verse 2
Hypnotized Minds
Three 6 Mafia, and
Ya boy DJ Montay
And this another oomp camp production
Verse 3
Verse 4
I said I'd rather get some head [Repeat: x 7]
Verse 5
Ridin' down the street man I'm in my big car
I scoped a lil' sexy, lil' mixed broad
She made my dick stand like kareem abdul jabar
Verse 6
I hit the brakes so hard man I droped my cigar
Pussy pretty fat like cash in a wallet
I'm lookin like damn baby girl don't stop
I'm a take u to my crib girl and screw u like afruad
Verse 7
Or maybe get some head while I'm ridin' in the car
Either way it go man a nigga gotta bust somethin'
Start with my dollar a nigga got dust somethin' high as the moon
I'm a goon like plies
Spray like big oomp spray it dead in a eyes in ya eyes
Verse 8
[Chorus: x 2]
Verse 9
I said I'd rather get some head [Repeat: x 7]
Verse 10
I'm the one who supply that d
I'm the that keep frist with me
I'm the one that be ridin' clean
That be on the scene with that Texas tea
Verse 11
I'm the dude that took yo girl
I'm the fool that changed her world I
I'm the man with the 12 inches she love to lick
and it make her hurl
Verse 12
Always fresh when I'm at the club
Sippin' goose or playin' keep a buzz from the hood
So I throw it up the other side
Don't mess with us
Verse 13
I love a girl that do it right
Make my toes like curly fries
In the bathroom or in the car
Or behind the bar she dynamite
Verse 14
Give me head: [Repeat: x 4]
Verse 15
In the dormroom make me ass out make me dead
Verse 16
Give me head: [Repeat: x 4]
Verse 17
Wake me up then put me back to sleep I ain't scared
Verse 18
[Chorus: x 2]
Verse 19
I said I'd rather get some head [Repeat: x 7]
Verse 20
Hold on hold on hoe let me stop
Let me borrow yo lips, that's what I told her girl
Got that Aquafina with a good head on her shoulders
She whispered boy I'm hungry so I told her she could come
And I didn't feed her nothin' but some dick and bubble gum
Verse 21
She want more I give her some
I keep them magnums
I'm strapped and if she tired lay down just place yo head in my lap
Ay big oomp records on the map we keep that mouth wide open
Verse 22
I clearance card that throat from the east to west
I'm strokin' comin' down to the
I'm pokin' everytime it's a hit
It get greater two choices that she gotta make
Verse 23
She can chew me now or later
I'm bout that paper but see
I love havin' sex and the more paper
I know that head is the best yea
Verse 24
[Chorus: x 2]
Verse 25
I said I'd rather get some head [Repeat: x 7]

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