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Walk This Way
by (Feat. )
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Walk This Way Lyrics

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Verse 1
What chu wanna do wit em on this one man?
The Pimp Squad Click gotta spit sum pimp shit,
I dunno if I got it in me,
Got to
Well I tell you what this as close to some pimp shit I can get
Verse 2
Inna pitch black six, kicked back lettin' the purp blow the
Fire from the dro' make the middle of my shirt glo'
Thinkin' how I mighta loss the one I always searched fo',
One to make me stay at home and one to go to church mo,
Money and the bundles it ain't nothin' we can hurt fo'
Blow a hundred thou at will what chu wanna work fo'
Keys to the crib what chu worried bout a skirt fo'
You the one I put all them women out da vert fo'
Everyday I spent wit chu I swear it make the earth
So much mo'worth livin' nah you gone and it hurt so
Bad, and it's sad but it's cool I ain't mad
I still got love fa you boo
I'm jus' glad that you found what you need
But I adored you believe me
Astounded 'cause I neva' believed you'd leave me
In this million dolla crib 13 karat ring
What it cost me to drive
Imma king without a queen
Verse 0
Come back this way
Can't spend anotha day without you
Walk this way
Don't you like our life
I see about you
Please say yes
Darlin' please say yes, tonight
And for the rest of your life
Verse 3
Nah I'ma bout to tell you all the things that I wont do
Stayin' up all night worried tryna call you
Mindin' ya business tryna find out what cha into
Askin stupid questions tryna aggravatin' ya mental
I got muh own business and I got muh own friends too
I jus hope the money and the fame don't change you
Let dat good shit go to waste it be a shame too
Dats jus' like cuttin' off the wings of an angel
Hundred thousand songs like this couldn't explain you
The best trainer known to da' world couldn't tame me
I jus' kinda figured out cha name when I came thru'
Money ain't a thang shit I ball wit the best boo
Behead her like some like some purple thrax hold it in your chest boo
Thank about you layin' in muh arms as I caress you
Let cha self go mattbonie will protect you
Its best you weigh out all yo options 'cause I'm chosin' you
Verse 4
Verse 5
I'm sayin' baby
I call you every damn day
And you always give me the same excuse
You know, you gotta go to work
You gotta exercise (God damn bitch)
You gotta go yo homework
I'm sayin' tho baby
Just answer me this one thang
When do you fuck?
Verse 6

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