B.o.B We Don't Get Down Like Y'all cover

We Don't Get Down Like Y'all
by (Feat. )
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We Don't Get Down Like Y'all Lyrics

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Verse 1
We don't get down like ya'll
Na na na na na
We don't get down like ya'll
Sucka nigga
We don't get down like ya'll
Verse 2
Hey, it's been a lot of back and forth over this and that
So I don't pick the bobble no more I just get a fact
Listen pimpin', let me tell you what the business is
Ya'll are [?] I'm a tell you what the difference is
See we old school, you just old news
We used to move blow and you just blow dude
See we the talk of the town me and my whole crew
You run around town gossip like whole dude
See your name drop when nobody knows you
We get them lames out of shakin like we supposed to
My crew we cock the bentley brooklyn and the road too
You gift her roses I'm the one she brings the rose to
So you say your shinin well I guess I'm shinin more
So high up I'm soaring thirty and I'm like a dinasoar
Cannivor, meet here G's they respect
Me to you like comparing a vet to a cadet nigga
Verse 0
We don't get down like ya'll
I ball, I do
You talk, I'm real
You flaw, pussy nigga
We don't get down like ya'll
Sucka nigga
We don't get down like ya'll
Verse 3
Don't call it the coming back
Again ride been from the fed pin [?]
Pull up on them suckers pop the trunk and tell them get in
Thought I lost a step but guess again
Back to ballin, getting bread, bringing checks in
Yeah, like we did on my last case
I show you how to make a blessin out of bad breaks
Let me set these niggas ass straight
Holding up there clothes bags up losing up fag bait
Them hot pants bad for your prize state
Lime green, hot pink, a drag queen hot date
In stores asking for the same size the bitches buy
They say it's here, but where I'm from we call it sissy fairy
Verse 4
Verse 5
Ay, before us there was none
After us no more there will ever be
This the greatest show on earth you will ever see
Still do it for my niggas in the street getting to it
Blowing money like my nigga Big Meech used to do it
Say we blowing money fast, big old money bag
Three four hundred carrots just to make them suckas mad
Back in the side of the winner of every battle
And the best since I was rapping in a rattle world travel
As you comment on the rumors of what have you bewared dude
Prayer can't prepare you how dare you
Disrespect my presence peasents I will tear you
A new one, I poop on your egos and move on
Rolls Royce back seat no grey coupon
A true don, three piece polished suit on
Pee on, see it ain't no neon in my new one
Tear the truth on every song I spew on (blaww!)
Verse 6

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