I'll Wax Anybody cover
I'll Wax Anybody cover

I'll Wax Anybody Lyrics Meanings
by Tim Dog

I'll Wax Anybody Lyrics

Grab a pen suckas I riff, and smoke em up like a spliff
And drift and lift and sift and if
Take a whiff and sniff, cause I'm too swift
I got the gift for the mic to uplift
I take rappers and eat em like Puppy Chow
Show me your wiggie style, I do my freaky style
I drop science with metaphor twists cause I'm the mister
And I fucked your little sister
Suckas don't know what time it is
I'm aware but it's not me in the Benz
Or a poor racher's teacher, a Biz Mark tifa
But I'm the grim reaper, so watch who you sleep, uh
On the D-O-G, that's suicide for y'all that don't see
I'm sicka like a psycho, I'll play ya like a Tyco
But then I might go
On and on and on and on and on
And on and on and on and on and on
And on and on and on, am I dope my love???
Yeah, word is born I'll wax anybody

Fuck it up Dog, fuck it up dog, fuck it up dog
I'll wax anybody

Take a look around pick out a rapper not with this
He'll get ate with the motherfuckin' quickness
Take caution I'm full of precaution
I'll battle any MC, but wait there's more son
You want to step and sweat the whole set
Your boys want to jet but their ass'll get wet
Sprayin' MC's like a shower
You're bein' snapped but I got the power
Tim Dog I'm not a fess and got the best rhymes
And put that ass to rest
Suckas want to riff and say yo he's wack
I'll give him a track and send him home with a ax in his back
Cause you shouldn'ta been sleepin
Now here's a rhyme I've been keepin
Flex and do a fish check and break necks
Follow the path of Malcolm X, who's next?
Punchin' MC's in their 3rd eye
Bitches are laughin' now they're callin' you dead eye
Wearin' that fuckin' Raider hat
Giants won the Super Bowl, take that shit back
I'm so mad that I could kill a fiend
I'm puttin heads in a motherfuckin' guillotine
I'm def, don't take me lightly
Fuck Eddie Murphy, I'm rollin' with Spike Lee
"Yo Tim tell your gettin raw"
Fuck that shit I gotta rip some more
I got the hardcore rap score, elevated folklore
Nonsense to ignore, Tim Dog is called y'all
I'm simply a hardcore lyricist
Suckas get mad, they can drink my piss
You want to run in my face like you're man?
I'll kick you in the balls like Jackie Chan
I'm for real, suckas don't know the real deal
I get fly like Remington Steel
Or James Bond, blow off your motherfuckin' right arm
God damn, cause I'm the bomb
You want to be another mony in the middle
Look at your bitch, she's really in the middle
Some one stuck the bitch up her ass, got her pregnant fast
Now she's out for class
Tim Dog and I don't really give a fuck
Tellin' MCs to come push their luck
And if you're dope come join the party
>From my point of view, I'll wax anybody (CHORUS)

Yeah, Tim Dog is here
And there's not a rapper that can't cause fear
Cause I'm suicidal and vital with the title of a tidal
I'm strictly a dope rap idol
Dog is a name that is seldom used
But some time the name is always abused
But I'm here to comtemplate and debate the rate of hate
To set things straight
I hate rappers that think that they're better
When I'm like a Benz and you're just a Jetta
Tryin to front with the confrontable stunt
What'cha want, you want me to bust them fronts?
So step back, ease back
Pull up a chair and watch me snack
On sucka MC's want to know they're wack
Fuckin' with Dog catch a heart attack
I'll wax anybody


Wax that ass
I'ma wax that ass

Writer(s): BLAIR, SMITH
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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