Tim O’Brien, Darrell Scott I'm Not Gonna Forget You cover

I'm Not Gonna Forget You
by Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott

Apr 18, 2000

I'm Not Gonna Forget You Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Last night on the mountain, I gave my horn a blow
Echos started comin' back from long, long ago
A foggy cloud was risen, I felt you all around
In the air that I was breathin', you sang in every sound
Verse 0
I'm not gonna forget you,
I'm always gonna know your name
I'll be feelin' you in my fingers
And lovin' you just the same
Verse 2
You led me through the doorway of an old log cabin there
I ran my hands along the wall, sat down on the fallen stairs
That place was every place we went
The wind was every wind
I cried a peaceful river, cause I know you're still my friend
Verse 3
I guess sometimes you hide out
But you'll never leave for good
I didn't have to see you to know right where you stood
You're in these words I'm saying, you're in this melody
You are this guitar strummin'
You're the rhythm and harmony

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