Tim Ponzek A Fragile Ego and a Cat cover

A Fragile Ego and a Cat
by Tim Ponzek
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Verse 1
He had a fragile ego for his rough and tumble build
Every inch the elegant caveman, his destiny fulfilled
When he made his grand entrance, every head turned in the room
And when he did his tribal dance, every girl was sure to swoon
But he kept his ego on a shelf with his other bric-a-brac
Not the safest place when he's taking in a cat
Verse 2
And she had a cat, a spirit feline and pure
She could raise her fur or purr, soft and demure
She was used to being treated in all of the extremes
She was a little to worldly to be the woman of his dreams
She could dance around trouble and never miss a beat
'Cause she knew how to tumble and to land on her feet
And they got together
A fragile ego and a cat
And he thought forever
Was as easy as that
Verse 3
Then one day it happened, the way she knew it could
Somehow it always brings out the worst when things are going to good
'Cause he made a stand; but she was ready to make tracks
And when he saw that she was leaving, well he tried to take it back
But she brushed against his ego and it toppled to the ground
And as he watched it shatter, she left without a sound
Now he stares out in the empty room in the silent aftermath
He'll relive it at least a thousand times and each time he'll break like glass
Verse 4
Maybe next time he won't stray
From the nature of the fact
A fragile ego
Should stay away from a cat
Verse 5
A fragile ego
Should stay away from a cat
Aw, take it home

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