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Shadow and Light
by Tim Ponzek
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Verse 1
There was something in the twilight that he couldn't quite see
Like a dream that was slowly creeping into reality
Something he thought he recognized
But still couldn't call by name
The features were all hidden
No matter how hard he strained
Standing just beyond his sight
Covered by a blanket
That was woven from shadow and light
Verse 2
How often his life would slip into a scene of film noir
And his vision of the world would fall short of how things really are
He always lost the edges
Like the world was made of sand
And he couldn't tell where one thing ended
And the other began
Staring straight into the night
They seemed like only fragments
Soon he lost them to shadow and light
Verse 3
The night is filled with secrets and the world is full of spies
Who doubt all their other senses and only believe their eyes
They think they found the answers
Once they've seen them close at hand
But they fool themselves with knowledge of things
They'll never understand
Still insisting that they're right
But truth is always waiting
Somewhere in shadow and light

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