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Tiny Demons
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Tiny Demons Lyrics

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Verse 1
One of them plays a piccolo in my ear
Another one makes me smell things that aren't there
And they know where to hide
And they know everything that's inside
Verse 2
Of my head
Tiny demons, inside me
One of them ties a lasso around my heart
Another makes me nod when I drive the car
Verse 3
And they won't ever leave
But they won't show their faces to me
And they wait 'til I feel
Like they're gone and they jump out and steal
Verse 4
My relief
Tiny demons, inside me
Listen, listen
Listen for the sound
Verse 5
That is not in the music
Only you can hear it,
Only you can use it
It's the sound of someone breathing,
Verse 6
It's the breath of life
It's the sound that you are weaving
With the thread of life
Listen, listen
Verse 7
Listen to the sound,
Let nothing disturb you
You are in a place
Where nothing can hurt you
Verse 8
If you feel a strange sensation,
It can do no harm
Like the spiral of creation,
It will soon move on

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