Flip the Tables cover
Flip the Tables cover

Flip the Tables Lyrics Meanings
by Tomcantsleep

Flip the Tables Lyrics

Get em in a frenzy
Point out who's been eating while my stomach's feeling empty
Envy in an instrument, I play it like an angel does a harp
Harness harmonies that break the hardest hearts
Been waiting for the ending ever since I saw it start
Like is this the beginning or is this where I depart?
It's hard to comprehend the two when all you know is limbo
And your stuck in flux searching for the outro or the intro
This though? This is that stirring up the pot shit
Changing everything like a man saying he's God's kid
I kid you not, they're mocking everything I worship
Someone took the temple and made a market out of churches
And if there is a God, then I'd imagine he'll return
And take the royalties from those that never did a thing to earn

Flip the tables

Circling around me
Heads focused on the words that truly got em bouncing
Pounding out the speaker like a preacher on a power trip
Thinking people listen pending on how loud the shouting is
Um... Hallelujah, end of service
False prophet, pocketing the profits of his servants
Circling around the congregation that he's workin'
Until one day, some bad apple sees that he's a serpent
Swervin'... Searching for the day in which the curse ends
Cursing out the counterfeit until they close the curtains
Hold the door, I'm bout to start sparking up this place
Stone cold, throwing brimstone to blow up in their face
Fix the fiction, find facts amidst the fables
Wolves teeth eat sheep asleep inside the stables

Flip the tables

Now they're going bat shit
Love to watch me kill it like when Juliet was last kissed
Deadly... Didn't think that I was ready
But then I read the writing on the wall, that shit was heavy
It said that I would sacrifice everything to see the light
And all the sudden, day dreaming dragged me through the sleepless nights
You see it right? Well I'm standing right in front of you
Flying carpets over heads while pulling rugs from under you
Nothing new... I've been doing this ever since
Molten rock cooling off, becoming sediments
I gave a man cave, now he's cutting fucking jungles up
Biting off the very hand that fed his supple supper's lunch
Once upon a time, everything was black
Holy shit, I think it's coming back

Flip the fucking tables

Writer(s): Tomcantsleep
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Flip the Tables Meanings

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