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Smooth Lyrics Meanings
by Tomcantsleep

Smooth Lyrics

They speed it up, I'm trying to slow it down
I take my time. I hate where I'm at
But I love what I do til I go to the ground
With a hand full of dirt... I'm back for the work
Digging myself up out of this grave
That I gave to myself but I can't convert
Looking back to a back and wall
And a spine inclined with a passion to crawl
Dug deep underneath on my knees
But it's cool cause I found what I need to stand tall
Right? Right... Look at me, I got everything I need
I'm an obstacle away from being better than you've ever been
Cause every time I fail, I get a feeling that injects the sense
That something was accomplished on this conquest
Knowing that my time is on it's way but simply, not yet
What's the point of laying low if no one notices you're doing it?
You advertise the moves you make, instead of just pursuing it
My mind is on the mission to be actively persistent
If you're really making noise, eventually they listen
My hand is on the handle of a hammer
Pounding on the nails until the grime becomes the grandeur
Say that I'm delusional... I say that I'm inspired
I basically just want to live a life that I'll admire
You basically just want to work a job and then retire
I'd rather spend my free time preaching to a sleeping choir
I kinda love this shit, it's more than just a fucking hobby
So if you wanna doubt what I can do, sit back and watch me

I'm that dude that takes a negative and negative
And multiplies that shit until it's positive and makes it big
And all the sudden, everything's exactly what I say it is
I ain't gonna quit until my family's chillin'
I truly retrained my train of thought to keep chasing and keep buildin'
I've been patient, I've been waiting, I've been making that brilliance
Nobody's gonna give you shit until you kick in the door and kill em
OK, I ain't gonna sit around watching you do
What you do and then not do it too
Cause I'm laid back doesn't mean I lay back
I stay active and I make moves (true)
Ain't nobody listening, but it's all good
Ain't nobody listening, but it's all good
Ain't nobody listening, but it's all good
I'ma do this shit til it's understood
That I got this... Gotta shine bright til they watch it
No watch on the wrist, but I'm flossin'
Not much of a lust for the lavish
Fam gotta eat, so I'm stuck trying to grab it
I'ma go get this cash
Give it all back to the fam that I have
All I really wanna see is everybody eat
So until that day, I may never go to sleep

Writer(s): Tomcantsleep
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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