Busy Paper Chasin
Busy Paper Chasin

$Toner.$teph, Gotti 4real - Busy Paper Chasin Lyrics

Busy Paper Chasin Music Video

Busy Paper Chasin Lyrics

I'm busy paper chasing
I don't got time to wait up
I'm a paper chaser
Scoring made that shit look easy like a fucking lay up
I'm a paper chaser
I'm a paper chaser
I just fucked that bitch once she think that I'll save her
I'm a fucking player
I don't got time to wait up
I'm busy getting paper
Ima paper chaser

I let my actions speak I don't really like to talk
I let my weed speak you smell it now you want to shop
I need some real estate, dispensaries cryptos and stocks
I make my money in my sleep I just got paid to yawn

I'm a paper Chaser bitch I'm paper chaser
I don't got time to wait up I'm a paper chaser
I smoke to many flavors I don't got time to chase ya
This ain't tag but my Glock came with a laser
And I came with with honey bun
What that mean
Fifty shots stupid Nigga want to fucking taste it
Put that boy in the dirt I'm his undertaker
Stoner stoner let me get right back to paper chasing
I been on my grind yea I been fucking jugging
Wake up early this the lifestyle of fucking hustler
Money equals times, I can't waste mine
What's that calling? Hear the money ringing on my line
Early in the morning and I got some money to make
Get up off me baby I don't got time to debate
We can fuck but I'm in love with the paper chase
Dedicated to the hustle got to get the cake
I tried to love that bitch but the love was fake
I tried to love that bitch but she sealed her fate
I told you once or twice I don't got no time to wait
I already told you shawty you can not replace me
She told me I was fake that was her mistake
You know the love real when you don't hesitate
You know the love real when it turn to hate
I don't wanna talk right I'm on my paper chase
I just want the neck, where that fucking cake
Where that money at got to go and calculating
Smoking on that dope and it got me levitating
$toner $tone call me for that medication

Writer(s): Stephon Smart
Copyright(s): Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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