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Pervin Lyrics

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Verse 1
Let's go hit the l-i-q, man
Hit the what, nigga?
The l-i-q, man
Let's do that
Verse 2
Hey nephew
What you got on my drink?
Nigga, I'm bout to get blitzed up my wits
Verse 3
For sho
One mo' 'gen, my niggas
(I feel like pervin')
Derty werkin for certain
What you doin?
I'm tryin to get high
(I feel like pervin')
Do that shit
Verse 4
Short Dog, it's on you, nigga
Verse 5
I just left the sto' with a bottle of blue
I'm drinkin' Bombay Saphire, what's up with you?
You want a Tangueray or that Seagram's?
I'm on that 94 proof, fuck them weak ones
I might be a skinny little nigga, but I can drink
Designated driver, tell me what you think
You on the passenger side or are you drivin?
You get to drive, and I'ma keep gettin high then
Let your square-ass get me home
Smoke a few indo joints to the dome
We gettin' high like Jimi Hendrix
Smokin' that Northern California Tremendous
Hit why'all upside down left-handed
You muthafuckas really don't understand it
My drink was made in England with them herbs and fruits
It ain't no 80-somethin', I told you it was 94 proof
Verse 6
What we doin'
(I feel like pervin')
Muthafuckas in this muthafucka on stomp status
Up in this muthafucka pervin'
(I feel like pervin')
Got your boy Captain-Save-A-Hoe up in here
Fuck they know
They ain't knowin'
Verse 7
Hey 40
You know your boy saved you a drink
'Cause you know I got you
So sip up
Verse 8
Uugh, I musta woke up early this morning on the wrong side of the bed
'Cause the last thing that I can remember is a sap bitch givin' me head
I don't know how I got to the crib, can't recall where I parked my stick
All I remember tellin' that hoe was, "bitch, don't bite my dick"
Well, did she bite yo dick? yeah, kinda sorta
How you feelin' today? shit, I'm kinda sober
What kinda car was you drivin'? I think I was in my Nova
What the hell was you drinkin'? Everclear on my Mossa
Verse 9
I can't hang with you muthafuckas, why'all way past tilt
And 40 Water, you got your homie sprung on that Gorilla Milk
A gang of that Broccoli to the brain
Hurlin' all night off them Hurricanes
I think I just might make a new drink
Gettin' to the point where I can't think
Woke up talkin' what happened last night? I don't remember shit
But I looked down, seen a bad bitch sleep on a nigga's dick
Feelin' the aftermath of the hangover
Coulda been that bomb doja
I'm splurgin' and swervin'
I still feel like pervin'
Verse 10
(I feel like pervin')
Niggas in this muthafucka on one
On a good one
In this muthafucka pervin'
(I feel like pervin')
40 Fonzarelli a/k/a Charlie Hustle
Where that nigga Anthony at?
Verse 11
Sippin on Saphire mixed with a little bit of whatchamacallit
Burpin', slurpin', I'm a cold-ass alcoholic
Nigga, perkin', and all that anti-high shit ain't workin'
If I don't get to Alcoholics Anonymous quick
I ain't gon' remember shit
M-mh, just flashbacks, I think I need a box of Tums
'Cause I got a cold case of the runs
Shit, too much alcoholic consumption
Conjunction, junction, what's yo function?
Verse 12
Well, [?], when it comes to drinkin' I'm a new boy, a boob, a rookie
Last night these niggas had me drinkin' somethin' called Silky-Silky
I asked if they can make mine just a little bit weaker
That's when that nigga 40 handed me one these liquors named Moesha
It was mixed with Krypton Brothers blended with a swig of ice tea
Muthafucka, what it is the hell you're tryin' to do to me?
Had my head spinnin', stomach shittin' out some rocks
I rinsed it down with some Evian water, had me pissin' on my socks
Verse 13
Hell yeah
Muthafucka up in this bitch pervin'
(I feel like pervin')
Shit, is this a borin' day
Nigga, want to play some dominos?
(I feel like pervin')
Shoot some dice
Hit the liquor sto'
Go get a bottle of that Get-Me-Right
And get to, and get to
Get to pervin' on they hoe ass
Make me feel good
(I feel like pervin')
Hit the hood, slide out
Burn some rubber
(I feel like pervin')
Pick up my hoe-ass, slut-ass bitch
And let her suck yo dick
In the middle of the daylight
In front of all your sidehops
That's pervin', nigga
Verse 14
I feel like pervin'
When a bitch be servin'
In her mouth
I feel like pervin'
When a hoe be swervin'
Her lips and she be out
Verse 15
Outta line
I love that
Nigga on one
Twisted, nigga, in this bitch bent
Muthafucka hollered that shit
They say, that nigga Feezy a fool
Nigga, you was that bitch feelin it, hah?
I say hell yeah, nigga
Where that nigga Anthony at?
Too $heezy
Verse 16
My nigga forte
In this bitch-ass nigga we doin' this
I thought you thought I'm a jig, bitch
I feel like pervin'

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