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Your Sister (Featuring Too Short)
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Verse 1
featuring Too $hort
Verse 2
Verse 3
You know what?
Verse 4
I'm 'bout to tell you some shit that's gon' fuck you up
Verse 5
That's real why' ain't gon' like it
Verse 6
Well shit
Verse 7
Fuck that's the way it is check it out
Verse 8
Verse 9
Verse 1: TQ
Verse 10
Verse 11
I like to think back to when we spent the weekend
Verse 12
In Cabo baby your sister's boyfriend started trippin'
Verse 13
And left her lonely
Verse 14
After you went to sleep I spent the night out on the beach
Verse 15
Laid up on her body - how could I keep from hittin'?
Verse 16
And every time I came to your house
Verse 17
She always kissed me in the mouth
Verse 18
Always stickin' her tongue out when you wasn't lookin'
Verse 19
I want to fuck you sister
Verse 20
Verse 21
Chorus: TQ
Verse 22
Verse 23
Now we been messin' round a long long time
Verse 24
But now I want to fuck your sister
Verse 25
And I know it sounds foul but that's alright
Verse 26
Cause why should I have to bullshit ya'
Verse 27
(play wit' ya)
Verse 28
I can't help it if she's the one that's on my mind
Verse 29
Everytime I'm out wit cha
Verse 30
I know we messed around a long long time
Verse 31
But now I want to fuck your sister
Verse 32
Verse 33
Verse 2: TQ
Verse 34
Verse 35
She comes to greet me when I ring your door bell
Verse 36
Lookin' like cavvy
Verse 37
She stands behind you in the kitchen - staring at me
Verse 38
I like to see her when she's getting out the shower
Verse 39
All the things she used to tell me when you wasn't listening
Verse 40
Now the bridge is gonna get cha
Verse 41
Verse 42
Bridge: TQ
Verse 43
Verse 44
Ain't no need for us to stop messin' around
Verse 45
I just want to hit it for an hour when she get out the shower
Verse 46
On the sink guaranteed not to make a sound
Verse 47
And you know you shouldn't have to be getting' mad at me
Verse 48
I can't help if I want that ass badly
Verse 49
So in the middle of the day when nobody else is around
Verse 50
I'll be fucking your sister
Verse 51
Verse 52
Verse 3: Too $hort (starts rapping during verse 2)
Verse 53
Verse 54
It's time to wake up, control my own destiny
Verse 55
Can't let my addiction to her get the best of me
Verse 56
I ain't givin' up
Verse 57
And I'll never stop tryin' live it up
Verse 58
Cause there ain't no reason to be lyin'
Verse 59
So you might as well let you know
Verse 60
It's goin' down
Verse 61
You wasting time asking me when, where or how?
Verse 62
It's a mutual thing between me and your sister
Verse 63
How you gon' feel when you seeing me kiss her
Verse 64
Ever since she was young, I knew I would get her
Verse 65
Waiting this long to fuck can only make it better
Verse 66
It's like way back when I was tryin' to get wit' cha
Verse 67
I'm tryin' to keep it real girl, I ain't tryin' to bullshit ya
Verse 68
be -ITCH!!!
Verse 69
Verse 70
Too seezy up in this motherfucker
Verse 71
Representing all the way from East Oakland
Verse 72
California style
Verse 73
Verse 74
Chorus: TQ
Verse 75
Verse 76
I wait until you go to sleep
Verse 77
Then I get a little ass for me
Verse 78
Verse 79
Chorus: TQ

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