Trae tha Truth, The Dream Fancy cover

by Trae tha Truth & The Dream

Fancy Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Verse 1]
Through the sheets, she climbs her way up to this bed singing melodies
Run my fingers in her hair and say come to me
First there is a no, then she says yes baby
She?s the Dream of a billion men
Go girl ayyyyyyy hiiiiiii iii
Go girl ayyyyyyy hiiiiiii iiiii
Verse 0
Trips to Monaco, designer names from head to toe (I?m fancy)
On planes that fly clean across the roaming skies (I?m fancy)
Brilliant cars, Spend evenings among the stars (I?m fancy)
Diamond rings ooh ooh ooh o
All those things? (I live fancy) [8x]
Verse 2
[Verse 2]
She spends her time
Aboard yachts if not, somewhere tasting wine
In Paris seducing me while we dine
She?s only 23, but ahead of her time
She?s the Dream of a billion men
Go Girl
Verse 3
[Verse 3]
Cause of me all she do, is walk around in Italian shoes
She?s probably a girl you used to know
I can see her beauty with both eyes closed
But you didn?t notice she fell in love with what she noticed
That I?m fancy
Verse 4
You can be from the hood, but I know you wanna live (fancy)
East Side, West Side, South Side, but you wanna live (fancy)
She?s wit me, 'cause she wanna to live (fancy)
I?m with her, 'cause she?s B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
(and you know I can't deny her)
?and deserving
She?s deserving
Verse 5
She all on me 'cause all I do is ride around the Bentleys coups
Got no need she got me buying her them Fendi shoes
All we do is shop until we drop right there in the floor
All we do is make love foreign places til we can't no more
Verse 6
They say you can?t buy love, man they lying
Is Christian LaCroix brings a smile, I?ll buy it
If she wanna make love on the edge of the world, I?ll buy it
Have anything she want cause she my girl, say it shawty got it
Verse 7
We flier than flyin in g5 jets
Or First class, coach class no disrespect
My New York apartment JFK
In the helicopter just the pilots goin my way
Verse 8
I?m worldly swerving in Bentley whips
Don?t even have to watch how I spend my chips
Dollars to Euros, I?m every nigga?s hero
Cause even when I used to rock polo I was (fancy)

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