Trick Daddy, DJ Hurricane For The Thugs [Street] cover

For The Thugs [Street]
by &

May 25, 1999

For The Thugs [Street] Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
For the thugs
Yes sir ha ha
I'm doin' this one for the thugs
Yes sir
My boy dooda wa's up fool
(Down South)
Tut ha ha haa
We've been seen (Aye yo see!) they on a roll
hurry up nigga come on they got guns
(I'm doin' this one for the thugs)
They got big guns!
They want to go to war nigga
Hah?(Yes sir for the thugs)
they don't want to die they don't mean that
Verse 2
Verse 3
[verse 1]
Verse 4
If it wasn't for the Hennesey
Verse 5
and thug livin' for my enemy
Verse 6
my brother still be alive and apart of me
Verse 7
so I, say a prayer for that playa
Verse 8
and I, take my fire everywhere, see
Verse 9
Its kinda hard when you missin' yo' dawgs
Verse 10
another name on the wall
Verse 11
they keep takin the fall
Verse 12
yes I be livin though
Verse 13
dead and gone befo' we twenty fo'
Verse 14
or in jail but cha'll don't here me though
Verse 15
is this world about to end
Verse 16
if not then explain to me, how come I'm losin my friends
Verse 17
and why I'm livin' wit my kid
Verse 18
and why I'm fifty grand short from gettin' me a brand new benz
Verse 19
its kinda hard for the black man
Verse 20
I watch the million man march for the black man
Verse 21
and through the sun and rain
Verse 22
I love enjoyin' pain
Verse 23
I know we be livin' strange but we'll maintain hey
Verse 24
Verse 25
Verse 26
I'm doin' this one for the thugs
Verse 27
and the niggas on the corner sellin' drugs
Verse 28
for the thugs yes sir
Verse 29
For the thugs
Verse 30
and the boys down south much love
Verse 31
for the thugs yes sir
Verse 32
For the thugs and the boys in the city much love
Verse 33
for the thugs yes sir
Verse 34
For the thugs
Verse 35
and the dogs in the grove much love
Verse 36
Verse 37
[verse 2]
Verse 38
See, I, I, gotta called from the crib
Verse 39
my dawg got killed
Verse 40
gotta all my homies in tears
Verse 41
and we don't know who the killas is
Verse 42
it could of been the lick
Verse 43
it could of been the hit
Verse 44
I 'on't know we stayed in some shit so
Verse 45
we put his face on a shirt
Verse 46
and shedded tears for the game
Verse 47
(a thug in memory boy)
Verse 48
'cause it's hard to hide the pain
Verse 49
they teach us some better thangs
Verse 50
the shoes his mama a back 'cause she could use the change
Verse 51
that's how you ride for yo dogs, shit
Verse 52
ride or roll take sides for yo dog
Verse 53
suppose to die for your dogs, shit
Verse 54
hard time in gangsta livin'
Verse 55
and got us villain chillin'
Verse 56
try to start no crossin' me and you so
Verse 57
and you cry for yo' dogs
Verse 58
Hell, I don't understand
Verse 59
man, I say a prayer to all of y'all
Verse 60
and for the cause
Verse 61
for my motherfuckin' dogs
Verse 62
Verse 63
Verse 64
Verse 65
I'm doin' this one for the thugs
Verse 66
and the niggas on the corner sellin drugs
Verse 67
for the thugs yes sir
Verse 68
For the thugs
Verse 69
and the niggas Overtown sellin' drugs
Verse 70
for the thugs yes sir
Verse 71
For the thugs
Verse 72
and my Carol City niggas much love
Verse 73
for my thugs yes sir
Verse 74
For the thugs
Verse 75
and my niggas out in Gouls
Verse 76
for the thugs
Verse 77
Verse 78
[verse 3]
Verse 79
If it was a hundred dollar bill
Verse 80
would ya, could ya ride for me
Verse 81
start a fight, better yet, would you die for me
Verse 82
under oath baby girl would you lie for me
Verse 83
getta gackin open 5 for me
Verse 84
now would you cry for me
Verse 85
turna trick, or do or die for me
Verse 86
food stamps, if you apply for me
Verse 87
well certified for me
Verse 88
can't count but you'll try for me
Verse 89
or do it all for me
Verse 90
Verse 91
Verse 92
Verse 93
I'm doin' this one for the thugs
Verse 94
(for the thugs)
Verse 95
(for the thugs)
Verse 96
(for the thugs!)
Verse 97
I'm doin' this one for the thugs
Verse 98
and the niggas on the corner sellin' drugs
Verse 99
for the thugs yes sir
Verse 100
For the thugs
Verse 101
and the niggas out in Opa-Locka
Verse 102
for the thugs yes sir
Verse 103
For the thugs
Verse 104
and the boys doin' time in the pen
Verse 105
for the thugs yes sir
Verse 106
For the thugs
Verse 107
and my dogs out the Heights much love
Verse 108
Verse 109
for my mothafuckin' dogs
Verse 110
fuck y'all
Verse 111
fuck y'all, others
Verse 112
Verse 113
faze brothers
Verse 114
suckers, bluffers,
Verse 115
we ain't nonthing but sho' nuffers
Verse 116
Bitch, feed ya fish
Verse 117
Verse 118
(for the thugs, for the thugs)

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