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Living in a World
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Living in a World Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Trick Daddy]
For all my children, huh, let 'em know
Sing for me
Verse 0
Living in a world where hearts are cold, yea yeah ya'll
Living in a city where thugs don't live that long, so
Sleeping in a home where only gangsta's rome, all night long and ah
Thuggin there for days wit my g's and we pray, help us Lord
Verse 2
I done seen it all, done even lost a couple dogs
Everything from seeing hoes boosting in the mall
Niggas who used to ball, they ain't ballin' now
Hoes who hated me, dem bitches callin' now
Verse 3
And mama told me, but she never told me when,
She said when money come sin, its some fake ass friends
I keep niggas in da blind, and outta mind
'Cause broke niggas full of slim and they got dirt on they mind
Verse 4
Catch me slipping never, and not once, ever ever
Lost a bank to the better I'm a muthafucking fool my self
I can't fool myself, cause if I ever slip, they gotta have that there
Two years ago, I lost a friend in da line of thuggin'
Verse 5
He got drunk out clubbin'
Some niggas followed him home, a glock nine to the dome
It wasn't long for he was gone
For a set of d's and quarter ki's we lose to many men
Verse 6
And now to many man, understand how to be the man
See the man lied, so the man died, I seen the devils in his eyes
Though the man in the skys eyeing
Verse 7
Never confuse luv with lust
Retaliate bust for bust
You can trust in us, we spit that venomous
It's either, them or us, ash to ash, sell the dust
Verse 8
We go to war for the peace, ignore the police
I still believe that its the east that invented,
See the west complemented, they always represent it
And all my peoples down south keeps it weed scented
Verse 9
Better focus, when I put this hocus pocus on the cd
I drop mine in braile so them blind cats can read me
I'm the cat that curiosity killed, prophesy filled
I'm still water that run deeper than hole pussy
Verse 10
Get pushy in the clutch, roll up like dutchmadness
I cuts and slashs, plus I, flows like Casius
It's warless clashes you need credit in the last days
So when them gats spray, do crime pay when you get shot
Verse 11
That's why I stay calm like www dot, cd
For who seeks the actual article
You heard it live its certified, mechanic on the mother ship
The alien, I changed the course of them with the wings
Verse 12
I would love to be considered sin in a physical form
Like I'm born to be crucified and mother was born to cry
Taught bitches born to live long and bastards are born to die
And God and the devil just don't see eye to eye
Verse 13
'Cause y'all thugs don't understand that the devil gone always lie

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