Dark Place

Dark Place Lyrics Meanings
by TT17


Dark Place Lyrics

You think Ima pretend, I don't know when it ends
I tried to send you signs, "But I think it's best we're friends"
Even through the times, I gotta keep goin'
I gotta keep flowin', it's hard when you're glowin'
But I'm showin' you that my maturity is growin'
I'm in a dark place, but your shinin' face is glowin'
I thought we had a chance, bout ta ask you to a dance
But I never saw you look at me, not even a glance
So, then I was in a dark place, tried to have a dark face
But all that led to me was rappin' in a dark age
But you don't know what I'm goin' through, flowin' through, bestowin' you
The only thing I wanna be is lovin' you
But I guess that that can't happen, you don't think I'll make it rappin'
You say you don't respect my grind, you really got me laughin'
I don't think you're cappin', not goin' back to trappin'
My music, they be blastin', 3, 2, 1, action

You got me feelin' stressed, you made me feel depressed
Now I used to have feelings, but, every one of them left
You sort of broke my heart, then you go on to the next
But why you stealin' all these hearts? Why you doin' theft?
Is it because you're feelin' jealousy? Is there something you're not tellin' me?
Cuz if I do what I wanna do, I'm bout ta have a felony
But that's what you want, you want me put in jail and locked away
But that's how it feels, if I deal with the pain another day
Cuz you want me to transfer schools, then would I be cool? (huh?)
Why did I catch feelings? I was such a fool
But I'm not gonna cry, cuz then you would apologize
I never wanna talk again, you told me I should die
This the third song about you, 'Thoughts in My Head' and 'Memories'
I'm sick of being toyed with, you think I'm an accessory
What is a psycho? You gotta love jeopardy
If you don't wanna talk to me, you'll learn how to treasure me

Writer(s): Travis Thompson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Dark Place Meanings

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