D1RTYB1TCH! Lyrics Meanings
by TTG Kobe
ft. Plydough

D1RTYB1TCH! Lyrics

OK, OK, Man this shit crazy I don't even wanna anymore
Yeah, Bitch, Bitch, Yeah
Who gives a fuck, I don't care about you
These bitches is stingy they just want the loot
They touchin my pocket I tell them to move
I don't use a stu, Im just in my room
My eyes are open I just see him lose
If I kill myself I'm using a noose
Who robbed his shit I don't have a clue
They keep on talkin bout how they gon' sue
They keep on talkin bout how they gon' sue
If you fuck with me I might see you soon
I might act goofy but i ain't no fool
You need a wepon but I dont needa tool
Killin my body im taking you too
I love to stab so I ain't gon' shoot
I don't feel well man fuck a flu I think I got sick from yo bitch (Achoo)
Yo bitch, yo bitch, yo bitch she suckin on dick, she suckin on dick
(Yeah, ay, ay, listen)
Pussy ass nigga you finna get touched
You pussy ass nigga you scared of the gun
And cutting your guts, And these fuckin sluts
You pussy ass nigga you finna get dust
I'm about to slit your thoat pussy nigga getting choked
I'm goin crazy grab the Glock and these niggas getting shot
Kobe is the name you know I'm crazy this is TTG the fuckin gang
You dirty bitches but you bitches better use your brain
I'm never lazy and a nigga bouta go insane you better say my name
Yeah aye gang
Yeah gang
Gang bitch
Gang yeah
Gang aye
YakO, yakO

Writer(s): TTG Kobe, Kobe Bryant
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

D1RTYB1TCH! Meanings

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