Twelve Tribes Flight of the Pathogen cover

Flight of the Pathogen
by Twelve Tribes
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Verse 1
I walk
Inside a face lift
Made of conflict
The contents defeat the purpose
Because I live outside
A makeshift heart
It was always red plastic and cold
Verse 2
You've got to know your place in this
Verse 3
I stick to the basic: intellect, substance, ambiance
With no poetry in my existence stuck going nowhere fast
I'm consciously falling out of love with myself
And the world with myself and my soul
I'm living for just one moment to die alone
Verse 4
You've got to know your place in this world
Your life won't disappear when your eyes are closed
Verse 5
Self is a statue in this world you crumble and fall
Verse 6
I sleep as if I was innocent
Not knowing what the world is made of
With one eye open I wouldn't dare to wake up
Verse 7
There are antenna in these veins
Trying to tell me something
Leave me under layers of dead skin
I'm invisible without them
Verse 8
I walk inside a face lift
Unknown outside of this shell
I'm not complete
I'm not complete

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