Unknown Hidden Agenda [Blacksmith Rerub] cover

Hidden Agenda [Blacksmith Rerub]
by Unknown
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Verse 1
Come on baby, doo doo doo doo doo
Ooh yeah, come on
Verse 2
Now baby he keeps on saying that
He tells you you're the only one
But everybody's know he's out there having fun
Behind your back & that's a fact & it ain't right
'cause he's fly guy acting like a gentleman
But back in the day I can still remember when
He'd just turn around, wouldn't look twice at you
And I'm just being straight with you
'cause he takes you for a fool
So you should be on your guard
When he thinks you don't have a clue
And I think if the truth be know
That ypu'll end up all alone when
He gets everything he wants
So girl open up your eyes & see with me
Verse 3
What you see is what you get
Ain't no hidden agenda
So girlfriend when he's playing around
You'd do well to remember
Verse 4
Now lady when he tells you
That he loves you & won't give you up
Takes your car & it's your money that be filling it up
Look at what he's got, thinks he 's hit the jackpot & and it ain't right
'cause your connections keep him sweet & that's so
He's only in it for himself & that's so cynical
He'd be out of sight girl if you lost it all,
So I feel bad inside when he's cruising in your ride
'cause I know baby late at night
There's some other girl by his side
And I want to let let you know that he really ought to go
And you should believe in me
'cause I care baby can't you see with me
Verse 5
[Chorus (x2)]
Verse 6
Now baby girl when he does you wrong
I'll make sure you're alright yeah
I just want to be your friend
'cause there's no reason to pretend
And that's the difference with me oh girl
Verse 7
[Chorus (x4)]

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