Blue Hundreds cover
Blue Hundreds cover

Blue Hundreds Lyrics Meanings
by Dave East
feat. Vado


Blue Hundreds Lyrics

Uh (uh, uh, uh)
Blue hundreds (blue hundreds)

I'm from a rock and a hard place
I took the cops on a car chase
Pull out the drop with the soft top
Belaire bottles or it's all Ace
I got the money to prove it
Your bitch in love with my music
All my young niggas is stupid
We be in Fendi or Gucci
Blue hundreds
I don't give a fuck about who saying who run it
Piss bad, get a new stomach
Cookie pack, I'm too blunted
We don't play with that
Save it all, that's the way to stack
Niggas claiming they king
If they got the crown, Steve Harvey gave 'em that
Shop when I get there, I hate to pack
I met V on Four Deuce, Lenox Ave
No Santa, I'm in my bag
Old hammer get a nigga tagged
No manners, I get bitches mad
On 10th Street, gotta watch your body
Henny shots me and Stupid stoop
Pulled up in a new coupe
Two bitches with me like a new group
Henny straight since way back
If you know me, I don't do juice
Shawty put the seat way back
She could see stars, it's a moon roof
Got your friend, I got my man
We can play ball, that's a two on two
Done shit that you won't do
You could have mines, nigga we don't choose
Blue hundreds, they comparing me to Jason
You could hear them sounds nigga, they like who coming?
Niggas talking all that tough shit
When it crack off hear their shoes running
Ambulance and the news coming
Ask me we ain't do nothing
Jumped out like a rockstar
These niggas sweeter than a Poptart
Rolling dope where the cops parked
That ain't real Chanel, that's a knockoff
I be locked into Biggie nigga
Paying attention to how Pac talk
Drop a nigga like hot sauce
New handgun that's an and-one
We get low when the van come
Talking blocks, I done ran some
Gortex and my Vans son
I got too much pride I can't run Hermes bubble, gotta fasten it
Goyard duffle with a half in it
Game of the Thrones, I done mastered it
Leather black gloves, ski masking it
Four five long when I'm blasting it
Snatch a newborn out a bassinet
Y'all don't wanna see how this bastard gets
I'ma keep shooting 'til the basket hits
'Bout to show y'all what a classic is
'Fore we show y'all what a casket is
Don't play with me, I'm hazardous
Go against the God, y'all blasphemous
Slime and East, y'all mad at this
Don't get mad at me 'cause you average
Once I get a nut then I'm passing it
Yeah we both fucked stop asking it
I don't do Macy's I'm Sak's-ing it
Alexander McQueen's, Air Maxing it
Got a stash box, fit the MAC's in it
We the new shottas, I'm Max in it
West side to the East side
B side to the C side
We ain't let a fucking thing slide
'Til them things slide and them things fire
I'm on the road, me and G.Y
We like Hov and T.Y
Biggie and Dough since knee high
Got a lotta hoes, you can see why
Need I say more, what you know about hunger games?
Paid for four but a dozen came
Take a loss, give you stomach pains
Go to war, put a buck and change
On your fucking head, that's a fucking range
Dapper Dan, I'm custom made
Stay on them, pills been up for days
Like Pac throwing up the Treys
Mink for a limp when I tuck the gauge
Only piff when I puff the haze
Talk slick, what the fuck you say?

Writer(s): David Brewster Jr, Teeyon Winfree
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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