Smug (Intro) (Live)

Smug (Intro) (Live) Lyrics Meanings
by Valeur Vive


Smug (Intro) (Live) Lyrics

(I made this album in 2020)
(It was quite the creative process)
(Sheep Dawgs is my slang)
(For a set of homies or gang)

I'm a get through the Embassy
So we can live a life
Your cute ass taught me all that tagalong
My gang is lethal you know
They always tag along
My blinking opps on the global dox?
Won't take them long
I got my sheep dawgs
I play around these games
Cause y'all know how I was
I told them watch cause I'mma
Go ahead and tear it down
I'm like ouu yeah bout to
Bedone like tariff gone?

Get the gang yeah we out yeah
My chain look like honey mustard
Bitch love me because I cosseted her
Yeah and I told her must muster
Yeah all the strength I could utter
Yeah my chain look nice go reign?
Like condiments I got various colors
Aww why thate?
I'm having fun my diamonds like Crayola
And arts ain't crafts
Genuine like a fucking quorum
I seen y'all got the smug face
But don't what it takes

She got the potty mouth
I told her go get potty trained
Her eyes is looking like
A cesspool of sparkling water
Oh well I compt ware of her
Like a pottering potter
Uh getting smug all my enemies
Know what that does
Y'all looking smug
Y'all look so smug ay
I seen y'all looking so sad looking smug
Damn I'm worst than a storm trooper
If I'm pulling through?

I'll drive up right there
Y'all know what it's gonna be
If I go through
I told them to watch this
Cause this is the day
That you gonna rue
I told them I could switch up colors
Like I switched the hues
I look and think about it
Yes I could go pick and choose
Y'all kept on playing watch
Cause I couldn't really be contused
Cause y'all made one fatal mistake
Y'all tried to go take break

But I'm constantly up constantly on it
Constantly on my shit
I'm always all there
Yeah I stay alert and don't dismiss
Y'all gonna get mad
Cause y'all know how's it's been
That's what it is
I'm send y'all away like this a dismissal
Cause you dismissive yeah
I told them look cause
I done sat here and I did it
This yo conniption cause
You kept playing this partition
Y'all kept on saying stuff
And didn't know about the addition
Add me to the quotient
You know how it's been I get it

(In this last part I indent on)
(How living the same lifestyle)
(Can become an outlived process)
(My message for everyone)
(And message to the streets)
(Is to live better than your example)
(My homies and I make music)
(That's how we stay successful)

I ain't been done
Since the day I started off
Since I was young
I had thought about it all?
All my opps just feebs in the streets
Talking bout the things that they did
I'm like look man gotta long clip?
Pull up fast jump up
Right there in the whip?
Hang with the gang
Y'all know how this is?
Y'all lookin' smug
And it's the same old shit

Writer(s): Rashad Allen
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Smug (Intro) (Live) Meanings

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