Imessage Games

Imessage Games Lyrics Meanings
by Vani Indu


Imessage Games Lyrics


Yeah, Where you at? Where you been?
Where you at? Where you at?
Rollin round with your friends?
Where you at? Where you at?
Nah, Please don't pretend
I hit you up you did text back so just press send like

Come and slide on me if you wanna go a different way
Look, Come and slide on me if you wanna go out and play

Look see, I hit you on the East Side to meet me on the east side
So we can go and just ride down the LSD
No, cannot roll with me if you not lost, LST
I stack my paper dot my i's and then I cross all t's
And do not cross me cause faces get beat like Kat Von D

I can't get caught in my emotions
Keep it moving, Keep it movin'
Whatcha doin' Watcha doin'?

Look Yeah, You can Slide you can slide-slide on me
Yeah, Yeah, You can slide you slide-slide on me

Check it I get it, I get it
I know we already did it
I left it alone in the past
Turn around and now its the beginning
Turn it down like McFly in beginning

Save the world, Inspire, Replenish
Vacancy in my heart can you mend it?

Yeah, Yeah never mind the point in all that I'm tryna get you to slide like we in Chiraq
Look, Lookin' forward to an opportunity with you
Turn around let me know what you wanna do
Look, you can slide you slide

You can slide, you can slide
Just slide, just slide, just slide

Look, you can come to the lake if you want to
Feel the sand in your hands just come through
Or we can chill at the Pier if you want to
Or walk the squares downtown just come through
And we can roll up, Match if you got enough
Hanging with familiar friends, cause I don't have a bunch
Hands get sticky, smoking reefer in my paper blunts
Cause its the summer

Look, What else I gotta do to prove to you I don't do this usually
You always looking at me like you not use to me
You always speaking so highly like a Eulogy
You look with so much discernment,
I made you free your whole weekend I guess I Earned it
Fuck with your mind and your soul cause your so determined
You and I do or die make em all deserve it

You can slide you can slide on me
You can slide you can slide- slide on me
You can slide you can slide- slide on me
You can slide you can slide- slide

You can slide
You can slide
Just slide
Just slide
Just slide

Writer(s): Azaria Lewis
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Imessage Games Meanings

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