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The Evil One - Alternate
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Verse 1
I am the evil one
The tempter, sinner man
Archfiend, Diabolus
Hail Leviathan
Verse 2
Omnipotence Lucifer
Asmodeus, my soul
Feeding off inhuman life
Blood of liquid gold
Verse 3
Evil one
Flesh and bone
Evil one
Set in stone
Verse 4
I, the Royal Prince of Hell
Command infernal names
Lightning fills my ancient bones
Chithulu rise in flames
Verse 5
Dominating centuries
Consume the everlasting
Raising ashes up from earth
I, Satan, head rising
Verse 6
Evil one
Flesh and bone
Evil one
Cast in stone
Verse 7
I kneel to no man
I see through your cries
Verse 8
You know not the truth
Jesus fucks you
Verse 9
Crucify the holy man
No sermons of a fool
Universe, infinity
Behold, evil rules
Verse 10
Ever pregnant mysteries
Ahmoon commands the birth
Howling incantations
I rise from blackened earth
Verse 11
Evil one
Flesh and bone
Evil one
Carved in stone
The evil one

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