Vic Chesnutt Steve Willoughby cover

Steve Willoughby

Apr 1, 2013

Steve Willoughby Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Someday I'm gonna be rich
Someday I'm gonna be bona fide
Someday I'm gonna be
Just like Steve Willoughby
But today I'm simply I'm simply terrified
I'm terrified
Verse 2
Someday I'm gonna be bright
Someday I'm gonna be smarter smarter than smart
Someday I'll know something
Just like Larry King
But today I simply I don't know where to start
I don't know where to start
Verse 3
Someday I'm gonna be hot
Someday I'm gonna be bigger bigger than big
Someday I'll be adored
Just like Wally George
But today I simply I ain't worth a fig
I ain't worth a fig
Verse 4
Someday I'm gonna be good
Someday I'm gonna be virtuous
Someday I'll be a paragon
Like Louis Farrakahan
But today I simply I'm a mess
I'm in a mess
Verse 5
Someday I'm gonna be cool
Someday I'm gonna kick major major butt
Someday I will transcend
Just like Jane's Addiction
But today I simply I am in a rut
I'm in a rut
Verse 6
Someday I'll get a career
Someday I'm gonna stop wasting all my time
Some day I'll gain a skill
Just like Deborah Norville
But today I simply I ain't worth a dime I ain't worth a dime

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