My Advice

My Advice Lyrics Meanings
by Victor


My Advice Lyrics

Yo listen up

My advice
Is to protect your lives
After protecting your wife's
Family's a purpose to live
Then all the sudden your alive
Whoa, that's a bar like a dive
I'm buzzing like a hive
I'm flashy like a drive
In the stu all night
Going thru my beat archive
See their all hot
Because their all mine
I'm kicking on overdrive
Until I'm like 45
Or 40
Like a colt 45
I never felt more alive
Than when I almost died
Rapping wasn't natural
But it came easy once I tried
I came to advise
But you need supervised
Cause you get stupid high
Asking me, who am I?
Who are you?
I went and built a stu
At the ripe age of 22
You'll never like what I do
You need to learn to do you
You need to learn what to do
Gone learn what to do

I came to advise to you
Don't try me dude
I came to advise to you
Don't lie it's rude
I came to advise to you
Don't try me dude
I came to advise to you
Don't lie it's rude

Aye it's me
And I'm back on the beat
See I built the beat
I wrote the lyrics
And pressed Rec
Mixed it too what a g
VRS is my team
And all I do is a scheme
For new income streams
Every day I live my dreams
Slowly build my self esteem
I balance life like a beam
So it is what it seems
I go to the extremes
Victory is the theme

I could switch it up
And talk about acting tough
Or sippin lil cups
But that's just baby stuff
Like a lil sippy cup
If you took the flow
Then your just stealing stuff
Your actions are laughable
Yours goals unobtainable
I'm to keep it practical
My actions are actual
My squad is an army
And I'm the admiral
If I gotta be an asshole
To keep it moving like an axle
Then I'm a be an asshole
That's my advice

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