Vita, Irv Gotti, Ronny Bumps Here We Come cover

Here We Come
by , & Ronny Bumps

Jan 1, 2002

Here We Come Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Irv Gotti]
Man who gives a f*** n****?
Who gives a f***...
Murder Inc n****!
How ya love dat, how ya love dat (what is it)
Murder Inc n****!
Yeah, step inside n****s
Verse 2
[Irv Gotti]
Keep your f***ing eyes open, observe, and watch this
(Watch me) Take the game, lock s***
Strictly for the gutter and the block n****s
(Where my n****s) and them b****es, GOTTI!
CEO, head honcho, boss
And all I do is break n****s, and make doe
Gotta make sure - all my n****s see
Murder...I motherf***ers, s***
Verse 3
Tell me how you want it, momma, lace it proper
Make hits hot, uh, can't s*** stop her
Wrist rocked up - why'all know who that b****
Vita, Vita, and who dat clique
The world's most dangerous
Sweeter then a mango, but hit when I ain't...
So y'all better run, or it's murder when we come
Verse 4
[Chorus: Vita & Ronnie Bumps]
[Bumps] You better run!
[Vita] This clique I roll with they don't front they squeeze
[Bumps] You better run!
[Vita] This clique I roll with Murder I-N-see
[Bumps] Ohhh! Cause here we come!
[Vita] This clique done stack and fold that doe
[Bumps] You better run!
[Vita] This s*** is murder I-N-C fo' sho
[Bumps] Ohhh! Cause here we come!
Verse 5
[R. Bumps] MURDER!
Verse 6
Please believe her, burn like cheeba, Vita, diva
Got thugs fiendin to met her
HOLLA HOLLA! All my ladies getting dollar, dollar stacks
'Cause tomorrow ain't promised,
So I promise not to lose no contest
S***, Murder Mami put it down
From Jersey to Uptown put them hands up now
Me and my ladies just ridin, vibin
Tryin to find a club to slide in
V-I-P! Yeah I know I'm that P-why-T from I-N-see
B****! I know you want my spit
B****! I know you want what I got
B****! Hate me but I won't stop
Until I'm on top
Verse 7
Verse 8
Now ladies if you sippin Cris
Then sip it till you get drunk
All my thugs in the back
Sippin Cognac get f***ed up
One of the illest, uh, feminist when I zone
Sexy while the rest be silicone
To each is own, beats keep it authentic
Baggin bodies wit it, Gangsta chick!
Verse 9
[Irv Gotti (Vita)]
Yeah that's right Gangsta Chick (uh, uh, uh, uh)
What else would you expect from Murder Inc. n**** (uh, uh, uh, uh)
(Uh, uh, uh, uh)
Y'all n****s better f***in run!
Verse 10

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