Vomitory Madness Prevails cover

Madness Prevails
by Vomitory


Madness Prevails Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Day of judgment approach
No return from a death prophesy
Bloodshed in the name of God
Spiritual holocaust feeds them
With an unstoppable appetite
Isolated souls deceived by lies
Free speech a forbidden sin
Religion slaves their mind
Verse 2
Their truth is a lie
Through their eyes of lunacy
Religious abomination
Global autopsy
Suicide warmonger's nation
Through death they seek eternity
Actions caused by religious madness
A war through thousands of years
Verse 3
Infected souls, religious deranged minds
Global threats to all mankind
Verse 4
A never-ending disease
Growing stronger day by day
Infection spread by words
Deceiving lies by those
Who follows by the book
In vain they execute
Verse 5
Those who search their own
Self justified truth
Mind that will create
Escape order and laws
Like a spreading disease
Endless haunted down
The leaders will is all
Controlling every move
Haunt down the ones who speak
Hide them to keep silence
Hide them to keep the truth
Execute the truth
Verse 6
Infected souls, religious deranged minds
Global threats to all mankind

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