Vomitory Redeemed In Flames cover

Redeemed In Flames
by Vomitory
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Redeemed In Flames Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Slaughtered enemies scattered
Trail of death they walked
Drenched in their own blood
Verse 2
A sound of thousands fills the sky
A death that comes so clear
When the rain of fire falls
Verse 3
Flames that will consume
A boiling death appear
The last second alive
Verse 4
Raped in endless pain
Licked by the infernal tongue
No escape from suffering
Verse 5
The sky is red by burning death
Redeemed in napalm flames they died
Verse 6
Survival is not an option
No chance in hell
The end will come for them all
Verse 7
In the infernal massacre, their flesh starts to burn
Boiling skin a smell of decay
Buried in their own intestines, they rot
Verse 8
An endless emptiness
Ashes cover the ground
Where they obeyed their command
Verse 9
Silence fills the world
No living thing escapes
Mass death for them all
Verse 10
The sky is red by burning death
Redeemed in napalm flames they died

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