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Mar 5, 2022
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Mvpshe Lyrics

Ima buy them ksubis but I don't look at the tag (Don't look at the tag)
That lil' ho just told me I'm the best she ever had (Best she ever had)
And you know that's true (Yeah that's true)
All my fucking pockets yeah they blue (Yeah they blue)
Who gone fucking stop me got no clue (Got no fucking clue)
Lately I been fucking hoes in two's (Fucking hoes in two's)
But that shit don't even matter no (shit don't even matter no)

I just want my pockets to get fatter ho (To get fatter ho)
I just fucked that hoe and asked her "Is you mad or no" (Is you mad or no)
Either way I ain't gone trip (Ain't gone trip no)
Some of these lil' hoes they make me sick (Make me sick yo)
Told myself I got to get a grip (Get a grip woah)
Because I know that's just not me (Just not me)
Got to act like I'm the mvp (I'm the mvp)
When I'm tripping I can't let nobody see (Let nobody see)
Yeah keep that shit to me (keep that shit to me woah)

Myself and I
Ima treat you good just promise you gone ride (Promise you gone ride)
With the winning team, nigga fuck you mean
And you know my AR yeah it came in with a beam
That shit like it's red, that shit like it's green
And you know I really scope it out, air the scene

Yeah, for real though
Twenty-four-seven I promise you I keep it real hoe (I keep it real hoe)
Yeah, put that shit on me (Bitch on me)
Show me what I'm missing and for you I'll D-I-E (Yeah I'll die for you)

Writer(s): Hendrix Royce
Copyright(s): Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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