Summer's Over

Summer's Over Lyrics Meanings
by Wahl Woodsman


Summer's Over Lyrics

I'm scattered brained like the thots that I played to get with you
I pick your brain no four strings for just your cents or two
My heart is simon and simon says that I loved you
Put you on a pedestal nobody was above you
Knew you were special caught some feelings quick Cole Beasley
Can we just start again this used to be so fucking easy
When you turned too quick it made me sick it made me queasy
Made me, wait, sea sick like I sailed my nigga's waves all the time the space i gave
Just to end up stuck on different wave lengths
Damn i loved your weakness, strengths, and all
We used to fight I'd make you smile then we'd forget it all
Five times a day just steady praying you would think I'm Muslim
Had all my homies wanting to text you like girl just love him
At the end of the day you can't have it all
Fell off in the summer summer's over where's the fall

I never did reveal it
I felt the pain no carry permit so i just concealed it
Became a little immature with coping mechanisms
Words like I'm good and I'll be straight were all just euphemisms
Birthed my feelings into music I'm no good at lyricism
I need an outlet antisocial like it's autism
Times change, feelings change, switching up the motion
You pull my strings I'm growing ill of it hand me the potion
Need the elixir no mixer just to express emotion
Gave so much effort thought i lived the meaning of devotion
But what you want is attention
What you want is a mention
But keep rejecting me when I just want to give affection

But keep rejecting me when I just want to give affection

You said a lot things I realize were merely words
Fuck butterflies you used turned my stomach into birds
I think you let your single friends influence your decisions
I'm not a bad guy i ain't mess around like other niggas
But still you turned my summer into one big question mark
You wanted space i let you turn into an astronaut
It's just a break don't want to end it yet you broke it off
Now all my thoughts relating to you end in question marks

Writer(s): Natanael Fortunato
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Summer's Over Meanings

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