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Annie Mae
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Annie Mae Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
featuring Nate Dogg
Verse 2
Verse 3
Warren G-
Verse 4
1, 2 buckle my shoe,
Verse 5
3, 4 we gotta hit the store,
Verse 6
5, 6 back in the mix,
Verse 7
7, 8 Warren G and Nate,
Verse 8
Verse 9
Nate Dogg-
Verse 10
Bang to the boogy say up jump the boogy
Verse 11
to the rhythm of the boogidy beat
Verse 12
I don't love no hoes they know so they don't be fuckin wit me
Verse 13
Verse 14
Warren G-
Verse 15
A long time ago I met Annie Mae
Verse 16
she was killing me softly like everyday
Verse 17
penetentiary steel, was stickin for real
Verse 18
blockbustin through the walls
Verse 19
now I'm makin housecalls
Verse 20
Verse 21
Nate Dogg-
Verse 22
I thought I'd met a lot of scandalous women, and then I met Annie Mae
Verse 23
Got a thin big butt like steel
Verse 24
But she didn't have a place to stay
Verse 25
Verse 26
Warren G-
Verse 27
She was shackin at mine and shackin at his
Verse 28
blowin my socks, tellin his biz
Verse 29
Nate Dogg this and Nate Dogg that
Verse 30
213 skirt, and we stay intact
Verse 31
So I told the homey Nate don't be mislead
Verse 32
ain't no fun if the homey can't shake a leg
Verse 33
so I went to the house and knocked on the door
Verse 34
and guess who it was, Annie Mae you H-O
Verse 35
Verse 36
Verse 37
I once knew a trick named Annie Mae (Annie Mae)
Verse 38
(I once met a bitch named Annie Mae)
Verse 39
I once knew a trick named Annie Mae (Annie Mae)
Verse 40
I once knew a trick named Annie Mae
Verse 41
Verse 42
Nate Dogg-
Verse 43
Remember yesterday I asked you baby have I seen you somewhere before
Verse 44
with just one look, the pussy was took
Verse 45
'cause I make music that you adore
Verse 46
Now I'm not sure and I might be trippin
Verse 47
but in 94 I heard a song
Verse 48
it ain't no fun unless the homeys can come
Verse 49
so Warren G put a condom on
Verse 50
Verse 51
Warren G-
Verse 52
Now Nate you know me and I know you
Verse 53
I got rubbers, gin and socco(?) too
Verse 54
so lets do the do, on how we do,
Verse 55
never my boot, just a freak that I knew
Verse 56
Verse 57
Verse 58
Verse 59
Warren G-
Verse 60
Annie Mae, Annie Mae, you ran out of time
Verse 61
Warren G and Nate Dogg blew your mind
Verse 62
'cause if you trickin wit him
Verse 63
you trickin wit me, you trickin wit the 2 1 muthafuckin 3
Verse 64
I came from rags to riches
Verse 65
trustin no snitches
Verse 66
that's how we do on 9 see I X bitches
Verse 67
buck em, fuck em, and put em in the trash
Verse 68
and jump in the 600 Benz and dash
Verse 69
Verse 70
Nate Dogg-
Verse 71
Hold up Warren before you go just a couple things I got to say
Verse 72
Are you goin home, I want to be alone
Verse 73
You need to take this... home
Verse 74
Verse 75
Chorus x3

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