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by Way


Internet Diss Lyrics

Look this ain't a diss
If he stay on twitter that boy he a itch
He tweetin to me like i'm Fucking his bitch
Just like kid bitch i move with a Stick
She like you fly baby girl ima Lick
Why is you textin me askin for Bandz
Hell nah lil bitch i don't buy only Fans
Private snapchat bitch you think Im yo fan
Bitches be broke but they stay Ona gram
I stay lowkey in the cut i be Jackin
Don't dm what's yo bank y'all be
Niggas be broke they need banks to be
He got off white but they off he Be cappin
Wearin fake shit man these Niggas be at it
Back on the block like a Muhfuckin addict
Ones like my first name was Travis
Stay with my bro always keep Me a savage
Niggas love runnin they mouth
Yo daddy a rat then yo ass is a Mouse
That nigga a bitch better put on A blouse
I ain't fuckin with niggas like i'm From the south
They do anything for the clout
Your girlfriend she giving me Mouth
Don't know watchu talkin about
Gotta stay with the racks bitch This shit ain't a drought
She like why you hurtin my
Cus i dont like you i like them Millions
Doofenshmirtz bitch i feelin like
A villain
Try to rob me turn you into Chitlins
He cant shoot call that lil boy Ben simmons
Hitin saks do that shit for a livin
They like sway wtf you be spitin Your bars ona top you might Break all the cellins
But i'm just gettin started
If 12 ask me shit then i'm actin Retarded
Shockin these nigga like i was a Carpet
I feel like da vinci lil bitch ima Artist
How you get yo shoes bitch i got Em from marcus
Im shoppin at neimans you at Target
Oh you gettin money then you Is a target
Gas supper sticky shit smell like It farted
But fuck all that shit now its Back to the real shit
Niggas aint street swear to god They wont peel shit
If they give him 5 i bet that Nigga steal shit
I got them racks watch mean
If you try to rob me you see Beams
Gottem slumped like his ass Sippin lean
I can't fuck with that bitch cus She green
You cuffin her but she fuckin The team

Hold on hold on hold on hold On hold on
Let me catch my breath real Quick man
I'm bouta go back in hold on

I can't step out the house Without that
Everywhere that I go gotta Watch on my back
If you pay for a verse with a Stack and that shit super wack You ain't getting shit back
I just got new bitch and she fat
Gave her dick she don't know How act
Everywhere that I got I can't Lack
If you play with my bro then we peeling yo back

Writer(s): $way, Delan mbakem
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Internet Diss Meanings

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