Fly as an Eagle
Fly as an Eagle

Fly as an Eagle Lyrics Meanings
by Webbie
feat. Foxx, Pimp C


Fly as an Eagle Lyrics

I stay fly as a eagle mane, (oooh)
Fresh like candy paint, (fresh)
Sharp as razor blade, (I'm back baby)
Gotta stay playa made

A couple karats in the illo's dat glist glist glist,
Gotta momma up in hemming that I miss miss miss,
I ain't use to have nuttin now I'm rich rich rich,
To the bentley from the cutlass now they piss piss piss,

We blowin' purp in the front, they pouring yac in the back,
A couple gats in the back and ain't none of us goin' rat,
If I ain't already ripped 'em, my brotha boosie dun flipped 'em,
We get high like a missile and we be clean as a whistle,

I lay that dick like a winner, just ask my girls in Virginia,
They just' can't stand when it's soft and wanna scream (ahhhhh) when it's in 'em,
I be with pimp, we be pimpin', from San Francisco to Memphis,
I cut the baddest of bitches, and then fa' get when I'm finish, (who?)

I just talk a lil' shit and then it's a hit when I'm finished,
I drop the top when it's pretty or pop the 6 in a minute,
It's savage life don't fa' get it, (naw) trill fam in the building,
We goin' need some mo' space cause money stack to the ceilin' yea

[Chorus: x2]

Who you know can play some linen,
Been gangsta since the beginning,
Stacy Adams not the tenni's and all my woman be friendly,
Use to shop at j.c. penny's, but now I be on some playa shit,

Use to wear dem j's but now I be on dat gata shit,
Lookin' like a million some niggas be on that hatin' shit,
We gettin' money now ya'll niggas be on that lata shit,
Fall off in the boat shootin' dice with niggas with businesses,

Flyin' in yo' grandma preaching, can I get a witnesses,
Same fella use to rock tee's now what the difference is,
Now I'm on some grown man shit and I ain't ignorant,
I should be in ebony takin' pictures with ebony,

And Steve Harvey since I'm not yo' average celebrity,
I mingle with the richest, took pictures with raw bitches that u see on television with a ass like delicious,
Face like eve, red carpet walking bitches,
You can't keep me out the mirror cause I'm cleaner than some dishes

[Chorus: x 2]

Now we got so much out here to lose and u don't see 'til you copp,
And all dem dudes don't keep a g to ya' cop,
And I remember, he told me don't stop,
Rest in peace boo I owe u a lot,

Got my phone called Boosie, say let's go to the top,
So my lil' dog doin' 5, I'm a hold him a spot,
40 thousand for the bracelet just to go with the watch,
Don't disrespect me, give a fuck bout if u know me or not,

I'll pull up in a mean one, u ain't never seen one,
The red one, the black one, the platinum, the green one,
Ashley, shanika, or keisha, or tina
A front to tha back to a face full of seamen,

Real life street nigga, always goin' be one, (always goin' be one)
Look me in my eyes, guarantee they goin' see one,
I'm fly as a eagle, UGK my people, I'm trill young savage, that's one thang about me, I

[Chorus: x4]

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