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I'm Back cover

I'm Back Lyrics Meanings
by Webbie


I'm Back Lyrics

I'm back, I'm back, I heard he said that he was ready for Webbie said where he at.
The trill fam yall wouldn't have made it where he at.
A whole clique of squares I bet you somebody would have rat.
Scary Cat. Scary Cat.
Couldn't nothin kill us,
I told you lil bitches way back that I'm the trilliss take a picture of me,
Listen to me yall been dunkin bullets, now I'm back and tell a nigga fuck em. R.I.P to my big cousin it really touched me
And they need to free lil B not just for me but for the streets, they love em.
What up for rock you know it's hotter than a pot
And yeah you know there somewhere plottin
But it ain nothin we just gone keep on goin
I still don't know when they gone stop
So I'm just layin up in the rain and I can see the sun shinin'
And it just keep on pourin, tourin round the world
Different cities gettin titties
The realest niggas walk up and they tell me I'm the realest one
So many independent women clown
I can give you one so you can move on
That with her get off the couch and stop bein a bum busta
Show yall I don't even know yall, and tell yo home boy his hoe called
I'm back and you know it I did it then I rolled it
And you know what I be cheifin and I keep it like I grow it
And no you don't wanna go there
I bet I can stoop the lowest highest that I can get
I just open pounds and I blow em half my friends up in jail
The other half of them want it I'm back it's savage life
I done got up on my paper my next door neighbor a joker
I can't sleep hoes up on me everywhere
I go they be on me yall just take em fuck em duck em
Give them hoes to my homies they love to come to my parties
They know my shit be the crunkest big bag of weed and pink bottles
Let's see who can get the drunkest I'm back I know yall missed me
I spit this shit like we want it
That's why all the bad bitches and trill niggas be on it
Real niggas really feel it the killas get to killin
All the hustla's get to hustlin and chillas they just be chillin
I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back.

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