I'm Ready cover
I'm Ready cover

I'm Ready Lyrics Meanings
by Webbie


I'm Ready Lyrics

What's up trill e.n.t you know what I'm saying
Bitch ass niggas be wondering what the fuck this shit mean to me
This shit mean everything to me nigga this all I got
Street life nigga still wildin'

Took my shirt off me and turk about to drop the work off
Niggas best wipes they smirks off honestly we'll hurt ya'll
Hit them niggas heart tell big boy to skirt off
Ten toes down now ten hoes down

White Nike one bike if it's 50 hoes round
Ten cali one pipe now that's fifty whole pounds
Niggas acting like bitches I'll sit they ass down
Type ass go Webbie I like get in trouble

Bite the hammer when you scared be careful how you play it
All your money and your bread don't mean nothing when your dead
Booty ass nigga school booty ass nigga
Think about me when I ain't around when I'm around they shiver

Camera ass nigga fame ass nigga
In the club when I make it rain ass nigga
I'm a ol neva gon change ass nigga
What trill mean to me I explain nigga

The 'T' for fam I told you I got em
The 'R' for real and rovers ready to die
The 'I' for me cause I'm the fuckin' hottest
The 'L' for love and loyal the leaders behind me
The hood for long it's been a long time and finally
Everybody shining mayne fuck it it's game time and I'm ready
I'm webbie
I'm ready, I'm webbie
I'm ready, I'm webbie
I'm ready, I'm webbie

This year all be we all where we all be
Want something call me try me and ya'll see
M.T.V, B.E.T tell 'em that it's all good
We want tall how I'm living but we scared of ya'll hood

My homeboy stressed tell em keep his head up
Don't want go back to the slums so I keep my bread up
If I get my head buss I don't really give a fuck
What goin' happen to my people only thing I'm scared of When you look up in your mirror you see a pussy ass nigga
You don't see a boss hog go getta that'll kill you
See a candy ol' fear glitter
Rims keep spinning fuck hoes I'll consider

Tote high four five dope house I'm little
G'd up re'd up sold out sixty minutes
Trill fam, still fam duck tape his fate
Pay the lawyer beat case young savage get it straight


My niggas be winning and laughing and fakin' and fronting
Moses like hoes trying to see how we working this company
Scoping with pistols and ropes hoping we fumble
Open like some of these savage life ass wannabes

I'm a say wannabe you know I'm gonna be S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T
Pussy niggas hate me I'm a straight g
They tell me go commercial bitches make me
Take me to the top that's what I told savage

Then he told Webbie let's roll I'm ready
Fuck gold go platinum my goal is to snatch all
Black folks who down with savage hoes that's what's happenin'
And if I don't get it you know I ain't trippin'

'Lil nigga real nigga I'm still a real nigga
Don't doubt trill niggas been riding with trill niggas
You wasn't even in the picture this is for the permission nigga


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