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The Lonely 1
by (Feat. )
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The Lonely 1 Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
After the show
You walked right past
Arms reached out
For your autograph
And as you flashed
Your backstage pass
I caught your eye
With a camera's flash
When the band came out
They stood behind you
Cymbals crashed
The lights went blue
You stood alone
In the halo's haze
Shining guitar hung on
Gold lame
Verse 2
And you
You were the lonely one
You were
The lonely one
When you perform
It's so intense
When the critics pan
I write in your defense
I understand I am just a fan
I'm just a fan
When I get home
I turn off the alarm
I've checked the phone
No messages on
I play the ones from yesterday
I play your song
Just to hear you say that you
You're the lonely one
You are
The lonely one
You're the lonely one
You are the lonely one

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