Highs n' Lows

Highs n' Lows Lyrics Meanings
by Will Gold


Highs n' Lows Lyrics


The highs n' lows
Shout out to my bros and all the fine ass hoes
Every body know I got coldest flow
'Cause every day I wake up after seeing ghosts

I see the signs
They say the way I live it be a paradise
Only cause my family give me piece of mind
Can do without the bitches taking a piece of mine

The highs n' lows
The highs n' lows

Losing people still alive
I hate the vibe
But this pain the greatest high
Shit'll make you strong
Fearing losing someone you love knowing they'll be gone
While we both live on
Doing different things
This image is wrong
Inner battle with myself
Back and forth
Like it's ping pong
I hope this game don't last long
Meanwhile I'll relax making rap songs
That stay raining down your womens' thong
Almost as soon as I come on

Don't mean to be a Richard
But I'm getting richer quicker
Off the purple yellow mixture
Drinking all organic liquor
Can find me at the Duce
Downtown Phoenix
Shout out the homie Scoop and Rosenstein crew

The highs n' lows
The highs n' lows
The highs n' lows
Thankful for my bros
Fuck all these hoes

Arizona kid like David Spade
Born in Georgia so you know that's how I got my grace
So smooth when I go down to get a taste
Must be eating lion 'cause the pussy taste like steak
Dominick's filet with Mastro getting baked
I Fitzgerald through the game
Catching women like I'm Babe
Got red socks on while she go and 'round a base
A home run for me these days is like a piece of cake
People clinging on so I'm always gaining weight
Talkin' 'bout my pockets 'cause my physique looking great
All my ops whining while two bitches feed me grapes
Alexander the way I'm running I'm feeling great
Might seahawk to greece to see some hoes out the states
But I'll be late
So I just stay
They'll find a way
They always do

The highs n' lows
The highs n' lows
The highs n' lows

Now everything is different
Always smoke so I stay lifted
In the present so I'm gifted
When I speak they all just listen
In your ear is where I'm kissin'
In their feelings reminiscing
Eat my ranch up like it's dressing
Energy like elvis Presley
I keep going she so sexy
Her attention it impress me
Got the answers never guessing
Why you always have a question
She be teaching me a lesson
Handle balls like Colin Sexton
Get the bag and she keep checking
But I last I'm never sweatin'

That's the highs n' lows

Shout out everybody I know no matter where you are
Appreciate ya

Writer(s): David Goldstein
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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