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In the Zone [Acappella]
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In the Zone [Acappella] Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Samples from Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" Played throughout]
I believe in miracles
Where you from?
You sexy thing (you sexy thing, you)
I believe in miracles
Since you came along
You sexy thing
Verse 2
Uno, dos (check it out), tres, cuatro
I woke up in a dream, Wyclef and Ivy Queen
Drinkin with your Hennessey, you spit on Louis the XIII
I ain't tipsy but see-O-P stopped me
Cause I'm with Omar, a Puerto Rican with a Lamborghini
Ole, ole but this ain't a bullfight
Late at night, I'm gonna bring the fright of Poltergeist
Looked at me through the shades,
Tried to play me like a hermit
I looked at Omar and said, "Yo pass me my gun permit"
Verse 3
[Ivy Queen]
Todas las culturas se unen esta vez
Representando los Boricuas junto a Wyclef
Queena es mi nombre el original Borinquen
De tal manera demuestro como, so come again
Verse 0
Yes, Queena, de que es al pa' ahí
Que no se olvide de qué es la ley
Vamos celebrar en el tola why va cantando
why combate lo que me pertenece
Verse 4
Hey where you from Ivy Queen?
Verse 5
[Ivy Queen]
Puerto Rico, One time!
Verse 6
Hey yo all my thug cats, back to the crime
Hey where you from Ivy Queen?
Verse 7
[Ivy Queen]
Puerto Rico, One time!
Verse 8
[Samples from beginning]
He looked at my permit and said, "Get out the car"
I'm about to bring the earth, wind, and fire life from Shining Star
Looked at him bizarre, I said, "Hell no"
The music got tense in a place called el barrio
Verse 9
[Ivy Queen]
Representan no de maneras, man
No hay colo-nias que nos detengan
La-tinos, vengan, siempre sobresalen
A los americanos demostrando lo que saben
Come again, yeah
Verse 10
[Chorus x2]
Ivy Queen, there was no one around the street
Was like ghost town, six cop cars, one black, one Porto Rican
I ain't a shook one, so I got out the car
I close my eyes, son, I'm waitin for police to blast one
Verse 11
[Ivy Queen]
Te digo lo que ?, demuestro lo que doy
A (yeah) todos los hermanos habrán pasos te voy
Que no dejes, que no crees que vengo esta vez
La Queena, una vez más, para hacer lasos entender
Verse 12
[Chorus x2]
Yo, check the story, I thought I was dead (Oh shit)
Here comes Ivy, in a black Beemer
Pumpin this in my Rivera
Cast the guns, this ain't salsa
It ain't? That's the Macarena
Cause when I looked at the cop badges, I saw no number
How do I know if he's an imposter?
I'm 'bout to feed him to the lobsters
And take him shoppin to the Bahamas, and hide with mobsters
Verse 13
[Ivy Queen]
? ay
Que a mí me puedan tumbar, ay
Ya yo soy la Reina why te lo vine a demostrar
Man, libra, que los Latinos son high, high
? son del medio ?
Te digo lo que ?, demostré lo que doy
Gracias a Jesús Cristo, siempre tengo el control
Ya lo ves, no sabes, tienes que entender
La cuidad viene dura, ya ves con Wyclef
Verse 14
[Samples from beginning]

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